The Times Are Indeed Changin'

I put some lyrics from the epic Bob Dylan song about change at the end of my post on who ends a web service this morning. But they are apropos to the news from the big Internet companies over the past 12 hours. Wow.

Google misses the quarter on soft revenues and blames it on the one area they don’t have a dominant franchise – social networking.

Now Google’s two biggest competitors look to be teaming up.

This could mean a big drop at the opening for Google. Investors like to dump first then analyze then decide what to do about it.

I think Google is so well positioned that I’d look to buy some more today. I may well do that myself.

A combined Microsoft/Yahoo will have 30% market share in search and maybe they can do something with that. Clearly there are big synergies in merging Yahoo! and Microsoft’s online businesses. The merged entity will be dominant in email which is an important category that isn’t going away.

Lot’s to think about. I love this business. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, everything changes.

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