Three Records I Am Into Right Now

Sorry for the lack of music posts here at AVC. I am going to make it up to you with three for the price of one.

Nada SurfLucky – These guys, Matt, Ira, and Daniel, are fantastic individuals who make great music.

Their past three records, including the current one, have been family favorites. After they played a fundraiser gig in our old backyard, Josh listened to The Weight Is A Gift non-stop for months.

The new record is not as edgy as the prior two, with more acoustic guitar and melodies. But they write great songs and this is so listenable.

Whose Authority – Nada Surf – Lucky (thanks Butter Team for the mp3)

Oracular SpectacularMGMTFred Graver turned me on to this band with his year end mix which featured the awesome track called Kids.

I’ve been listening to them on hype machine since then and finally succumbed and bought the record. To be honest, it’s not consistently great, but there are five or six killer songs on it.

Their music is described as "electronic indie dance rock". I guess that’s a good description. I call it fun.

Time To Pretend – MGMT – Oracular Spectacular (thanks to Instrumental Analysis for the mp3)

Made In The DarkHot Chip – While we are on the subject of electronic music, I have been into the remixes that Hot Chip does for the past year. They are often featured on the Hype Machine. My all time favorite is this remix of the Stone’s I’m Free.

I got the new studio album and like the MGMT record, I feel that it’s mixed but brilliant in parts. The diversity of style and sound is simply amazing.

I can’t find an mp3 on the web right now, so click thru to my tumblog and listen to Touch Too Much, a ween-sounding track that is my current obsession.

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