TweetScan – another really useful third party web app that someone built on top of twitter. tokintrader tipped me off to it in a comment to my ana marie cox post on tumblr. it simply searches twitter for conversations about something. here’s the recent discussions about Jerry Yang on twitter. and the best part is that they have a link at the top of the page to add it to the firefox search engines. i did that and plan on using tweet scan when i want to know what’s going on in real time. i generally search blogs when i want to search "real time" information, but the blog indexes are often too slow. twitter should be a great real-time resource.

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  1. kenjimori

    i was thinking search is less relevant in twitter environment, but now convinced scan is.

  2. Luke Razzell

    Thanks for that pointer, Fred. Now added to my Firefox search engines. : ) Terraminds are also very good, but they don’t integrate with Firefox.

  3. billerickson

    I prefer , instead of searching to see what conversations are going on, it shows me in real-time. It works great for events. Just last week we had BarCampTX, and a large percentage of the people there used… to see what everyone’s talking about. It also aggregates photos, videos, and blog posts related to the tag

    1. fredwilson

      But what if people don’t use hashtags?Fred

      1. billerickson

        I agree, that’s a problem. But what if someone doesn’t use the word you’re searching for on Tweetscan.E.g., if someone at BarCampTX tweeted “Listening to a great session on social media marketing,” there’s no way to associate that with BarCampTX unless they add a hashtag. Hashtags add context to what you’re saying.Chris Messina addresses the problem quite well here: