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The Twitter blog has been much more active lately and that’s a good thing. I found out about this cool twitter stats service via this post on the twitter blog. Here’s my twitter usage by month. Clearly I keep using it more and more.


Here’s another interesting chart of what time of day I generally send twitter updates.


I can’t really explain the late night twittering because I promise you that I do sleep between midnight and 5am. I expect those are from our australia trip and possibly some from trips to the west coast.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. k.s.reddy

    Twitter Stats Service is excellent.

  2. Pankaj

    I use a lot of services on web (specially the social ones) but never gotten into Twitter. Unless you are very active in doing things (that you want to broadcast) why would you need such a personal bulletin board. Take example of a techie who just do coding or a mechanic who repairs cars – all day. Does he need twitter? The consumption part has some substance though. If I have lot of friends or bloggers on twitter, I can subscribe to their feeds. But thats what I do on Google Reader. Twitter demands more real time attention, boy a lot of attention/time.

    1. fredwilson

      I don’t think it demands a lot of attention from meIt’s just something I post to, just like I post to typepad, tumblr, flickr,delicious, etcfred

  3. Aruni S. Gunasegaram

    Very cool. I seem to use twitter more and more. I sometimes think of it as a self validation tool (and we all need lots of that!) 🙂 I look forward to you following me one day Fred.