Umair's Got A Couple Of New Gigs

Many of you know that Umair Haque is one of my favorite bloggers. His Bubblegeneration blog is a must read for me and has been for a long time. He announced this past week that he has two new gigs.

First, he’s now blogging at the Harvard Business School blog. Here’s his first post on corporate DNA.

And more importantly, he’s building the Havas Media Lab, which he describes as:

a new kind of strategic advisor that helps investors, entrepreneurs,
and firms experiment with, craft, and drive radical management,
business model, and strategic innovation

Exciting news. I hope he will still keep us all informed and educated at Bubblegeneration. I am not sure what I’d do without my regular dose of Umair.

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  1. Emil Sotirov

    Let’s hope the Harvard connection wouldn’t influence Umair in a bad way… 🙂

    1. fredwilson

      he’s not going establishment, i can assure you of that!

  2. Greg Brown

    Very exciting news indeed. Fred, you got me hooked on bubblegeneration, which gives me a frequent dose of “wow, that blew my mind.” Tell me you’ve got something up your sleeve, maybe some new ventures with Havas?

  3. Dick Costolo

    Umair is responsible for a new word I created a couple months ago:”Upaque”. which i use to mean “not entirely clear, but possibly brilliant”.Sample usage:”Why did bellicheck go for it on fourth and 13 from the 32 yard line?””I don’t know, everything that guy does is upaque to me”.

    1. fredwilson


    2. Ethan Bauley


  4. Shripriya

    But… he doesn’t seem to have an RSS feed. Odd!

    1. Shripriya

      I found his link to the atom feed. The weird thing is that Google Reader does not discover the feed, even when I went to the reader and inserted the bubblegen url…