Vampire Weekend Is Most The Blogged Band Right Now

This week I saw Vampire Weekend twice at the Bowery Ballroom and blogged about the release of their debut record.

I wasn’t the only blogger to be talking about this cool new band. They are the most blogged band on Hype Machine right now.

Very cool.

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  1. Fraser

    And across the web, they’re the 8th most clicked artist SmartLink right now – definitely a hot band!

  2. josef

    so if what you’ve posted is the new sound scan, then this may be the new MTV metric:…650k views2500 commentsFavorited: 4,431 timesRated 2800 timesNow granted this is with a YT promotion, but these are not underground numbers. There are hit numbers. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I worry when a band hits this hard the week of debut release, as there is less friction (almost none) in the blogosphe. Its here today, and gone in a few months. I wish these guys the best.

  3. ericstern

    They are good. Small wonder I discovered them (via Hype Machine) in the past few days. Fred, have you checked out Sea Wolf? I’ve been listening to “You’re A Wolf” repeatedly since I 1st heard them on KCRW…

    1. fredwilson

      I’ve heard them a bit but I’ll give a serious listenThanks for the tipFred