Voting Today

Seth Godin has a classic Seth post on voting this morning. Give it a read if you can before you vote. Not that it will change the way you vote. But it will make you feel better about voting. It sure did that for me.

I am headed to the gym and then to the polling place.  If you live in NYC, you can use this web app to figure out where your polling place is this morning. My son Josh is going to vote with The Gotham Gal on his way to school. I agree with Seth. Take your kids to vote with you if you can.

As for the question of who I am going to vote for, well I woke up with this image in my mind.


When I first saw the Get A Mac ads, I liked the Justin Long character. But over time, his smug attitude started to annoy me and I started to like the John Hodgman character better.

Same with Obama and Hillary. This past week Obama has really started to annoy me. The preachy video. Hanging with Ted Kennedy. Meanwhile in the last debate Hillary was good, really good.

But the clincher is my kids. Like Caroline Kennedy, I turned to my kids. And they are universally in Hillary’s camp. They like her better and are more comfortable with her in the White House.

So Hillary has my vote this am. I hope she wins. I think she won’t. I can feel the Obama surge and I bet he’ll be the nominee. Which is fine with me. As long as he drops his Justin Long character and becomes Hodgman again.