Why I Post About Politics On This Blog

I have gradually moved a lot of stuff off of this blog. The personal stuff and photos have largely moved to tumblr. The music posts continue from time to time, but the daily mp3 posts have moved to fredwilson.vc (but are still available via the player on the upper right). I’ll still occasionally post about a hyperlocal event and I still post about our trips here (but some of that has moved to tumblr too). And the short bursts have moved to twitter.

The one thing I haven’t moved is my political thoughts. When I first started blogging, many people suggested that I shouldn’t blog about politics. They told me the comments would be nasty, mean, and hurtful. They were right. But I kept doing it and recently, you’ll note that I’ve been doing it a lot.

There is still the occasional nasty comment (which I’ll usually ask to cool it). But by and large the comments are amazing.

Just yesterday, I got to witness a fascinating discussion between my friend and fellow Hillary fan, Tom Watson, and a host of other readers who are Obama supporters on some important issues facing Obama.

To be honest, I don’t spend my day reading real clear politics and the NY Times and WSJ opinion pages. I can’t keep track of each and every issue that is out there in a political campaign. But I am interested in them and I am particularly interested in what every day people think of them.

I don’t know how many comments my political posts have recieved in the past month (I could go count them but I am pressed for time right now). I suspect at least a couple hundred and probably well north of that. These are the thoughts and opinions of smart, educated, and informed people who care enough about politics to wade into the comments and spend time leaving their thoughts.

I am blessed to be able to read all of them every day. It has made me a better citizen, voter, and blogger. Thanks everyone and keep them coming.