Why I Read Techmeme

I’ve been critical in the past of techmeme and I still feel that too many people are writing to/for techmeme and that it’s getting gamed. But I read techmeme every day, without fail, often two or three times a day. I also follow techmeme firehose on twitter via twitterific and that is a great experience.

There is one thing that Techmeme does that makes it a must read. The related links under the headline.

Take this CNN story yesterday about the Japanese satellite. I saw it but didn’t really want to read it. I was curious if it was a big deal or not, but didn’t think CNN would tell me that. So I didn’t click thru.

Then this morning I saw the following:


If you look at the related links under the main story, you’ll see a link that says "Fractals Of Change". That’s my friend Tom Evslin’s blog. Tom will know whether this is a big deal or not. So I immediately clicked thru and read Tom’s thoughts. It’s not a big deal.

Seeing the big news headlines of the day is important and I love watching them come through in my twitter feed. But seeing the related links and knowing when someone you trust is talking about an issue is the big deal for me in Techmeme. Others do this as well, but to my mind Gabe does it best and that’s why Techmeme is a daily read for me.

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