A Twitter Stock Quote Bot

Twitter bots are a lot like IM bots. You send them a message and they send you one back. Except, of course, you can do that through twitter on any "device" (Facebook, SMS, web, third party client, etc) you want.

My favorite twitter bot so far is the mytrade stock quote bot that launched late last week.

Here’s how do do it (you need to be a registered twitter user to do this):

First, go to mytrade’s twitter page and follow them.

Then, wait a minute or two for mytrade to follow you back (no need to do anything for that to happen)

Then, send a message via your phone or any other twitter client device that says:

d mytrade AAPL

and get an Apple stock quote back.  Of course you can replace AAPL with anything else you’d like.  And you can separate ticker symbols with a space to get a bunch of quotes, like this

d mytrade AAPL GOOG AMZN

to pick three tech companies I am long right now

I hope you like it as much as I do.

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