Everything Everywhere

There’s a post on the YouTube blog that’s titled YouTube Everywhere. In it, YouTube announces additions to it’s API that allow you to interact with YouTube from almost anywhere. YouTube has always been pretty open, and they certainly popularized embedded video which to my mind is one of the greatest innovations on the web in the past five years.

Rafe Needleman reblogged the news with the headline – YouTube, once just a desitnation, is becoming a service too.

Here’s my headline. You cannot be a destination exclusively on the Internet anymore. If you are not a open web service, you won’t get nearly as far these days.

Our experience with Twitter is informative. Some twitter users visit its web service regularly. Others never use it. With Twitterfific on my macbook and Twhirl on my Windows machine in the office and SMS on my phone, there are many days where I never visit twitter.com.

Twitter launched with this architecture. And it has worked wonderfully for them. Twitter is everywhere.

So if you are building a new web service today, forget about being a destination. Maybe it will happen and maybe it won’t. Don’t fuss about that. Focus on making your service available everywhere. If you do that, you’ll build a much larger user base.

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