For Emma, Forever Ago

If you follow my tumblog, you’ll know that I’ve been obsessed by this record since discovering it on Daryn’s tumblog on thursday.

For Emma, Forever Ago is by Bon Iver, but that’s just a name chosen by Justin Vernon who is the amazing artist behind this record. Bon Iver is sort of french for "good winter’ and reflects the fact that Justin recorded this record in "a remote cabin in the woods of Northwestern Wisconsin" over the course of last winter.

This record has the sound of a warm fire burning in the house with the snow and wind swirling outside. The vocals are wonderful. And at times, it has an intensity that is shocking.

The first song to get me was Flume which I linked to above on Daryn’s tumblog. You can hear the "single" called Skinny Love on my tumblog as well as the ending track called Re: Stacks.

For those who aren’t into clicking around, here’s one more track called Blindsided.

Blindsided – Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

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  1. Rob

    Hi FredAs a music based entrepreneur I stumbled upon your blog sometime last year researching the VC world and as you can see I’ve stuck – thought I would mention I have learned a fair bit so thanks.But this comment is really about music: I just had the chance to catch Bon Iver opening for Black Mountain last Wednesday [amazing show], and he stole the show for many there. When a performer wins over a good majority of a crowd that is clueless to who the performer is, it’s a sure sign of something good. For a number of my musician friends, Bon Iver’s set was the highlight of the night and Black Mountain were ridiculously tight and on in their own right. Highly recommend you catch him live if you get the opportunity.Cheers

    1. fredwilson

      It seems that I’ve missed him for now. My daughter informs me that he’splaying in Paris while we are there this summer. If so, we’ll see him there.fred

    2. nickdavis

      Black Mountain comes here in a few weeks, bit it seems Bon Iver drops off the tour after next week. That stinks.

  2. Cameron

    Since you are approximately the thousandth person to recommend this to me, I gave it a listen. Very good. Particularly on “The Wolves Act I and II”, but throughout the record he reminds me of TV on the Radio if they recorded exclusively around a campfire on the beach. I am such a sucker for vocal harmonies.

  3. Hiren Patel

    I like their sound and Lump Sum in my head right now but I always hate it when the tone of the voices blend with the music so much that it is hard to make out the lyrics. That would be my only complaint.

  4. Troy

    Every year we are treated to one or two gems like this. This is a killer record, the kind i can play for years. It hit me from the first play. It’s great to watch it catch.