Little Jackie

Full disclosure: My wife and I are investors in S-Curve Records, an indie label run by our friend Steve Greenberg. Little Jackie is an S-Curve artist.

OK, now that I am done with that, Little Jackie is a cool new act from Brooklyn. It’s a partnership between singer/songwriter Imani Coppola and programmer Adam Pallin. Last month, Steve told me that Little Jackie went up on one of those "zero gravity" flights to make a music video to their single, The World Revolves Around Me – Little Jackie

Here’s the video. Pretty cool.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. David G

    great song – thanks for posting

  2. David G

    … and “I liked you better before” is even better. Kick-ass grooves.

  3. David Noël

    love it, thanks for sharing. made it my Band Of The Week:…Favorite track is: Crying For the Queen.

  4. David A

    Any plans on expanding into the Latin market?

  5. Adi

    Love Imani. See her often in Brooklyn – I am a fan. You have your finger on the pulse on this front too.

    1. fredwilson

      I want to help spread the word. She’s great and we need the world to know

  6. Bjorn

    this is super music! also went to their myspace page to listen to some more.Fred — where do I buy this? couldn’t find anyplace online (at least not with the “European goggles” on)?

  7. Rodger

    She’s amazing! Can’t find a place to buy… What’s up with that?!

    1. fredwilson

      The record isn’t out yet