Marc Andreessen on Obama

Marc starts out his blog post on Obama with the following statement:

I’ve tried very hard to keep politics out of this blog — despite nearly
overpowering impulses to the contrary — for two reasons: one, there’s
no reason to alienate people who don’t share my political views, as
wrong-headed as those people may clearly be; two, there’s no reason to
expect my opinion on political issues should be any more valid than any
other reader

And then he goes on to write a fantastic post on Obama, based largely on a 90 minute private meeting that he and his wife had with Barack 18 months ago.

You all know where I stand on the role of politics on a personal blog – bring it on, it’s an important topic that we should all be discussing. Thankfully Marc ignored his better instincts and shared a bunch of great stuff with all of us. That’s courageous because he’ll take some hits for this. But not from me. I applaud you Marc.

I will add that the Gotham Gal and I had an opportunity to meet with Barack in a room of about 10-15 people in the fall of last year and we were able to get a few minutes of one on one conversation. He was conversant in topics as wide ranging as venture capital, web technology, and the challenges of raising teenagers in NYC. I totally agree with Marc’s first point, Obama is a normal guy. I liked him that day and I like him more and more every day.