Organic Synergies

I don’t believe in the keiretsu model of VC investing that was briefly fashionable in the late 90s. I don’t think you can or should force your portfolio companies to work together. It has to happen organically, if at all. But when it does, it makes my heart warm.

I saw this post on the Etsy blog (called The Storque) yesterday. Apparently a number of sellers in the Etsy community are starting to use Twitter to get the word out on new stuff they have up on Etsy for sale.

Strangelittlebird says:

My sales have increased since I started twittering.  I think as sellers
we’re all looking for ways to get our great items just a few more
seconds of publicity, an Twitter certainly offers that opportunity.

That’s most excellent!

You can also follow The Storque on Twitter. I did just that yesterday.

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