Scandals In The Age Of Social Networking

I was reading the NY Times online this morning and came across this article about the Spitzer mess. It turns out the woman who he had the now infamous trick with in DC has a myspace page. Of course she does.

So the TImes just took a bunch of stuff from her myspace page and turned it into an article. They could have saved themselves the trouble since they linked to her page from their piece.

I suspect myspace’s page views will be up big today.

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  1. yannick

    Hi Fred,Interesting thought. I also noticed via Paul Kedrosky that she sells music on Amiestreet, and that the price of her songs has gone up since the scandal broke.In the past the conventional wisdom was that scandals were pushed by newspapers “just to sell more papers”. What happens in a world where the same scandal “boosts Myspace pageviews” and “increased amiestreet commissions” and “facebook flyer revenues”, So many more actors benefit now…

    1. fredwilson

      Maybe that explains why tumblr was so slow this morning

    2. kenberger

      Might well get traffic, even though obviously a fakester. The fact that that tumblog was just started yesterday is just 1 clue.Another effect of all this that’s fascinating is the other beneficiaries that gain visibility from such events. Amiestreet is clearly gaining much-needed traffic. Tumblr, others?

  2. Jesse Chenard

    Making the small world even smaller it turns out she lives across the road from me in a new luxury apartment. News vans have been there all night. I guess they could save themselves some time by just going to Tumblr.

    1. fredwilson

      In the flatiron district?That’s what the nyt saidFred

      1. Jesse Chenard

        Right in the new Landmark building on 25th and 6th. There are still some vans there now (going into their third day). I still have yet to see a clip of her leaving the building on any news channel making it probably one of the most boring stakeouts I could imagine.

  3. derek

    Fred – nytimes is a newspaper company that just happens to be online. Of course they have an article it is what they do. You can’t get a newspaper that just contains a link.

  4. JayR

    And Tim Sykes apparently had a chat with her on Facebook that’s posted on his site. I imagine that page views for a lot of sites will be up today. And worker productivity will be way down.

  5. kenberger

    Exactly what occured to me.Anyone know of a publicly viewable site to track web traffic same-day (if not real time)? The usual suspects (Alexa, Compete) are delayed at least a couple days (and of dubious accuracy anyway).

  6. corners

    Hmm. And of course nobody posts anything inaccurate about themselves on their MySpace page.Local NY station (ch 5) last night was also reporting “facts” about her from her MySpace page as if they came down from the mountain on stone tablets. While it’s likely the bulk of it is true, the thought that this was reported verbatim as “news” without questioning any of it bugs me somehow…

    1. Devin Anderson

      “without questioning any of it bugs me somehow…” No kidding, most people I know edit their myspace page to make them look as good as possible. A myspace page should never be thought of as an accurate represenatation of a person. I think the news agencies are just lazy.

  7. Saeed

    On a related note. I am so glad that Spitzer is neutralized for good. The wealthy ardent pro zionist regime who was being prepped up for a potential Jewish president would have massively assisted the apartheid regime to in their systematic carnage of Palestinian children, ethnic cleansing and empowering the only remaining apartheid state in the world.Good riddance!

    1. Gus

      Great point Saeed, I totally agree with you.

    2. fredwilson

      This is a tough comment to let stay on this blog. I reserve the right todelete any and all comment I find offensive and this one comes pretty closefred

  8. Guest

    Totally! The inadequacy of traditional media is starting to feel sad. Last year I did a little study which I put on Blogger; months later it was referenced by Times (London), Businessweek, a bunch of local newspapers… Why? It’s out there, just google the relevant terms and it pops out…

    1. simondodson

      “Why? It’s out there, just google the relevant terms and it pops out…” here here

      1. Guest

        Now, what are the odds that I would post a comment on the blog of a venture capitalist in freaking NYC to get a reply from somebody who lives in Brisbane, Australia … which is exactly where I am right now? Ahhh, the Internets!

        1. fredwilson

          I love itThe internet makes the world a smaller placeAnd that’s a good thing

  9. mattmaroon

    Doubtful about the pageviews.http://siteanalytics.compet…Even if it had an astronomical clickthrough rate, it would still be a blip on MySpace’s radar. Kinda scary really.

  10. Bill MV

    Fred, you’re right about the page views. I checked Wednesday and the count on her MySpace page was at 1.1 M and change. Don’t know how accurate that is, but I’ll bet other people who have a MySpace page have vastly lower counts.

  11. Antman

    I don’t think anyone wants to get page views this way. This clearly flies in the face of: “any publicity is good publicity”I believe she has taken down her myspace page.She is only 22, terrible for her.