Some Data On MySpace Apps Almost One Week After Launch

Our portfolio company Zynga has launched a number of apps on MySpace’s new open app platform which is clearly inspired by the Facebook platform. The MySpace platform launched last Thursday and we are now five days into it. So what’s going on?

Zynga cobbled together a dashboard so they could see what is going on and it’s available for anyone at Here’s a screen shot of the top ten apps so far.


There’s a bunch of interesting data points from this.

First, it seems like myspace apps are not taking off in quite the same velocity that facebook apps did. That is probably because there are no viral channels for myspace apps at this time. You can’t invite via myspace, you can’t notify via myspace. So these apps are spreading by less effective means than the Facebook apps did. This may well be an attempt by MySpace to avoid the "app spam" that became a problem with the Facebook platform and has been largely eliminated with the new rules that Facebook has implemented.

The second point worth noting is that the composition of the top twenty apps on MySpace is pretty different than the top twenty apps on Facebook shown below:


It’s not clear to me exactly why that is. It could be that many of the top Facebook apps aren’t making MySpace a priority yet. Or it could be that the kind of app that will work in MySpace is different than what will work in Facebook. Or it could be that it’s just too soon to make any conclusions.

I think MySpace remains an important social network and that it’s effort to develop an open application network should not be ignored. I think, over time, some sizable audiences will be built for apps on MySpace and those who build them will be rewarded.

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  1. daryn

    I know we all use the term sparingly, but one thing to remember is that MySpace Apps is still in “beta” / pre-launch.I attended the MySpace devJam in Seattle last weekend, and it was clear that there were still several details they were working out before they open the floodgates and increase its visibility (including adding the apps directory to the site’s top navigation bar) and enabling more of the virality features.The platform itself, from the opensocial/myopenspace javascript interface, to the REST interface and underlying infrastructure, looks quite solid and promising, and I think we’ll see it take off.My guess is that there will be a good amount of intersection between top facebook and myspace apps. However, because myspace users have always had near carte blanche to customize their profiles, and that is an important and ingrained part of their culture, it may be awhile before we see some of the traditional copy/paste apps (like slide & rockyou widgets) unseated by their replacements.Also, utility applications, like picnik, may see more success than on FB, as they empower users to even further customize their profiles outside of the constraints of the little app containers.

  2. Marshall Kirkpatrick

    MySpace is rolling things out in stages and hasn’t done any promotion of the apps to users at all yet. While interesting, I think these numbers probably say more about tech blog readers than MySpace users in general.

    1. Marshall Kirkpatrick

      I take that back, after looking at these a bit more I can see that viral spread is already happening. Top pics app for example notified my friends and sat on my profile, so anybody could be adding it now.

  3. mattmaroon

    Part of the reason for the difference is that the top three Facebook apps just replicate functionality that MySpace already has but Facebook doesn’t.

    1. fredwilson

      Good point

  4. Pro Blogger

    Thats nice status you got there, hope you don’t mind taking 1st picture 🙂

  5. Bob

    This is a test to see if I have to register at Disqus to post a comment. Sorry if you have to read this.

    1. fredwilson

      The answer is no

  6. Jim in Colorado

    Maybe because the apps are 99% frivolous garbage, unless perhaps you are an 17 year old girl, and myspace already has plenty of ways to leave a graphical or video message to tell your peeps “What up bro” so they might not see the purpose.As a marketer, I know from advertising on FB apps the traffic is mostly garbage and the only thing that works are rip off ringtone and crush mobile offers, read demo is 16-22 year olds 60%+ female. I think the “apps” fad will soon fade away. While it was kind of funny to “hug” someone on facebook its getting a little annoying at this point all the crap. I ignore every invitation I get.

    1. Shreshth

      I agree that these apps are frivolous, but nonetheless create valuations for the creators, which is reason enough for these people to create. Now i have been bouncing this idea for many days now that if they are frivolous and that they will fade away, WHAT WILL SURVIVE? What will have substance enough? What is the next evolution in this world of widgets and hugs, texas holder (which btw i use to play everyday, but now hv grown out of it).When do we come out of the ‘Playground facebook’ and become ‘Serious Facebook’? or we shouldnt expect that?

      1. sibemol

        I think it is amazing how many developers are just willing to take the chance to work for… nothing! …Because many apps will stay unnoticed, even if the quality is good. Anyway, here are some of my favourites: Triumph, Opinoon, Playlist…

        1. Shreshth

          I have noticed that companies like adonomics and social media are gauranteeing installs, if they gaurantteing something like this, then it is really a war of money. If its a good application with substance and are benefitting facebook or myspace, wouldn’t VC’s like to invest in them.Maybe it easier said than done to get VC money, then what is the way for small developers or entrepreneurs willing to invest in development of new applications to grow their application install rate.Shreshth ManiPh: 212-810-9262—————————-Sent via Blackberry

  7. WayneMulligan

    mattmaroon makes a good point and the other thing to remember is that MySpace has been open to 3rd party apps for quite some time. People haven been “pimping out” their MySpace page for years – custom wall papers, counters, Music playing, YouTube Videos, slide shows, etc. – so there was a lot less pent up demand for these applications.I’d even argue that the existence of these apps on MySpace created a lot of the pent up demand that made these apps so popular on Facebook.Will be interesting to see how it evolves nonetheless.-Wayne

  8. Mark Collier

    Most of the top Facebook apps rely on the viral channels (not just for growth, but to provide their primary functionality). Without a friend awareness the apps dont’ work, right?

  9. jackson

    I admit I should jazz up my MySpace page, but I don’t want to add too much. Personally, page load time is a huge issue. I have a slow connection at my studio.