Some Data On MySpace Apps Almost One Week After Launch

Our portfolio company Zynga has launched a number of apps on MySpace’s new open app platform which is clearly inspired by the Facebook platform. The MySpace platform launched last Thursday and we are now five days into it. So what’s going on?

Zynga cobbled together a dashboard so they could see what is going on and it’s available for anyone at Here’s a screen shot of the top ten apps so far.


There’s a bunch of interesting data points from this.

First, it seems like myspace apps are not taking off in quite the same velocity that facebook apps did. That is probably because there are no viral channels for myspace apps at this time. You can’t invite via myspace, you can’t notify via myspace. So these apps are spreading by less effective means than the Facebook apps did. This may well be an attempt by MySpace to avoid the "app spam" that became a problem with the Facebook platform and has been largely eliminated with the new rules that Facebook has implemented.

The second point worth noting is that the composition of the top twenty apps on MySpace is pretty different than the top twenty apps on Facebook shown below:


It’s not clear to me exactly why that is. It could be that many of the top Facebook apps aren’t making MySpace a priority yet. Or it could be that the kind of app that will work in MySpace is different than what will work in Facebook. Or it could be that it’s just too soon to make any conclusions.

I think MySpace remains an important social network and that it’s effort to develop an open application network should not be ignored. I think, over time, some sizable audiences will be built for apps on MySpace and those who build them will be rewarded.

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