Ten Things I'd Like FriendFeed To Do

1) I want to reply to a comment, like I can in disqus, and not have to use an @ sign
2) if the post is an mp3, put a play button like the yahoo or delicious player does
3) if the post a photo, put a thumbnail of the photo right in the feed. i realize it does that for flickr, but not for tumblr.
4) Allow me to do an @reply right from FriendFeed into Twitter
5) Let me explode the link into the first paragraph of the post right in FriendFeed
6) When i post a comment on FriendFeed, let me also post it to Flickr, or the blog through the blog’s or comment system’s API
7) When someone comments on my feed, send me an email that I can reply to and post a reply back (like Disqus does)
8) Let me view my friend’s posts ordered by friend as another option in addition to reverse chronological order
9) Let me bookmark a delcious link from someone else by just clicking an icon right on the page and not leaving FriendFeed
10) Let me see the number of people following me

For those not familiar with FriendFeed, here’s my feed

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