A Twitter Add-on That I Need

Two of my favorite twitter add-ons are Tweetscan, which I check at least once a day for twitters that have my name in it (ie messages being sent to me), and Twitlinks, which I check throughout the day for interesting links being passed around on twitter.

What I need is a mashup of sorts between the two that shows me all the links that have been sent to twitter with the @fredwilson in it. I get a lot of links passed to me with the for:fredwilson tag in delicious. But I am getting even more coming in via twitter now. And I need a single page on the web where I can see them in reverse chronological order. Ideally a single page that I can merge for:fredwilson with @fredwilson links. That would be killer. I can probably do that in a tumblog by importing RSS feeds. Hmm. Now there’s an idea.

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  1. ceonyc

    Yahoo! Pipes… two RSS feeds into one.

    1. Philippe Bradley

      That’s what I tried, sadly the del.icio.us links fred wants are in a private RSS feed, and unlike dapper, Pipes can’t login (yet?). Even so, toying with pipes has been a useful learning experiencethis is as far as I got. This will return all @you tweets that contain URLs for you to check out; save it as an RSS feed or a widget for your blog or whatever. Entering your del.icio.us URL will not do anything (yet), but once Yahoo gets its act together, I can update it.. Anybody can use this. http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipe…short url: http://is.gd/6zA

      1. ceonyc

        Feedburner could login, though.Fred could reburn is private del.icio.us RSS feed with Feedburner, and make it into a regular feedburner feed that doesn’t require a login…

        1. Philippe Bradley

          hey, it’s worth a try. the pipe is useful as it is now, but if you can find a different source for the for:me links, try that! with a bit of luck it’ll work straight away, some fields might need to be re-mapped though.

      2. joshua schachter

        The pipes are keyed, not authed. Your RSS reader doesn’t log in either.

        1. fredwilson

          joshua – is there any way to get the for:fredwilson links out of delicious?

          1. Joe Lazarus

            Fred, if you go to your own “for you” page, you can grab the feed. It’s a private URL, but each of us can grab our own. The Pipe I made (see above) uses that as an input along with your Twitter user name.

  2. tedroden

    I actually built something like that for me using grablr. It’s not very impressive since I don’t get a lot of for: and @ links… but you can see mine here: http://attn-ted.grablr.com/

    1. Philippe Bradley

      how do you get for: links – can it be done from the API?

      1. tedroden

        No sadly you can’t get them via the api, which is why grablr doesn’t realize they’re just links. I just set it up to use my private RSS feed for the for: links.

  3. Gregg Smith

    I use an RSS feed from tweetscan in Netvibes to monitor @taterhead (and a few other relevant-to-me terms) in twitter. I think profilactic.com is working on an autoclipping feature that could pull similar information into a feed.

    1. andyswan

      Yes profilactic is on it. Another awesome Louisville startup. 🙂

  4. Gregg Smith

    And one I need is twitter tags. I wish Twitters “Bio” section was organized as tags like Facebook’s “Interests”. Tough to search for dad healthcare cfo foodie fixed gear bike riders in Memphis or Atlanta with tweetscan. Not that twitterers like that are interesting or anything.

    1. robjohnson

      I thought this post would draw out joelaz’s skills with yahoo pipes 🙂

  5. Greg Pass

    For the Twitter bits, you can also use our Summize Twitter Search with the “to” and “filter” operators.E.g., for Fred’s request, search for: “to:fredwilson filter:links”See it here: http://tinyurl.com/6dlcpjAnd the right rail has a link to get the Atom feed for this query, http://tinyurl.com/5nwmwe

    1. andydavies

      FeedBlender will do what you want -http://www.feedblendr.com/1. Add the feed from your ‘links for you’ page in delicious – it’s down the bottom2. Add the feed from the link Summize search Greg Pass has posted aboutThen FeedBlender will then offer a page with links to the combined feed or a html page with all the contents on