A Twitter Add-on That I Need

Two of my favorite twitter add-ons are Tweetscan, which I check at least once a day for twitters that have my name in it (ie messages being sent to me), and Twitlinks, which I check throughout the day for interesting links being passed around on twitter.

What I need is a mashup of sorts between the two that shows me all the links that have been sent to twitter with the @fredwilson in it. I get a lot of links passed to me with the for:fredwilson tag in delicious. But I am getting even more coming in via twitter now. And I need a single page on the web where I can see them in reverse chronological order. Ideally a single page that I can merge for:fredwilson with @fredwilson links. That would be killer. I can probably do that in a tumblog by importing RSS feeds. Hmm. Now there’s an idea.

#VC & Technology