AB Meta

Yesterday, our portfolio company Adaptive Blue announced a "a simple and open format for annotating pages that are about things" that they call AB Meta. My partner Brad who is on Adaptive Blue’s board, posted about it today on the Union Square Ventures blog. Marshall Kirkpatrick also has a post about AB Meta on Read Write Web.

I’ve been filling this blog with semantic intelligence for the past year with Adaptive Blue’s smartlink technology. When I link to a record like the new Sun Kil Moon record, April, smartlinks knows it’s a page about a record and codes the link as such. We’ve been calling smartlinks a "top down" approach to adding smarts to the web.

AB Meta is Adaptive Blue’s efforts to marry it’s top down approach with a "bottom’s up" approach that may be more attractive to media companies and e-commerce services that have a large number of pages in their systems about things.

Slowly but surely the web is getting smarter about itself and we are proud of Adaptive Blue’s role in making that happen.

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