Adding Intelligence To Search

Clearly Google’s been doing that for years. Their search just keeps getting better and better. But innovation in search is not limited to Google. Our portfolio company, Indeed, which operates the most popular search engine for jobs launched a new feature this week that showcases how searching can become more intelligent.

When people search for jobs, they want to put in a salary floor. They don’t want to see jobs that don’t at least pay a certain amount. Problem is most job listings on the Internet don’t include salaries.

What Indeed did was built a system that estimates salaries on all jobs. Here’s how they do that:

How do we estimate salaries? We use a proprietary methodology based on
an analysis of similar job listings that include salaries. We start by
extracting salaries from all job listings containing this information –
about a fifth of the total – and then estimate salaries for the rest.

So now for the first time, you can do a search for jobs across the entire web (or certainly as close to the entire web as anyone offers) and get only those jobs that meet your salary requirements.

Here’s a search for a CFO jobs in NYC that pay more than $200k per year. I love when companies make the web smarter than it really is.

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