As Usual Google Is The King Dog

Jason Goldman at Twitter used to be the Blogger product manager at Google. So when he saw the comscore chart on my wordpress vs facebook post yesterday, he asked what comscore’s numbers are for Blogger. Here they are. As usual Google is the king dog. 190mm unique people saw a blogger served page last month. That’s >20% of every Internet user in the world. Wow.


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  1. GraemeThickins

    Do the WP numbers include, as I suspect, both the host-your-own and hosted flavors? If so, then, in fairness, I think the chart should include MovableType, SixApart’s sister platform to Typepad.

    1. fredwilson

      no, they do not. these are just the pages that the hosted platforms serve

  2. GraemeThickins

    ah, just, not .org….thanks for the clarification

  3. ErikSchwartz

    If we’re looking mainstream audiences I’d be curious where Live Journal fits in this. Most non-tech friends seem to use LJ or blogger.

  4. Don Jones

    I have a love/hate thing with Google – I rely on it so much for my business…too much. Wish there was another credible alternative.

  5. don loeb

    apples/oranges…i.,e it’s fair to compare to blogger and typepad like you did in this post, but not to facebook or any other social net. everyone on facebook, etc. is both a viewer and a publisher, whereas on the blog services, these are all just viewers and it’s mostly driven by search and not social interactions. you can see that by looking at the pvs/uu – for the blog services the average is probably around 3-5 (definitely lower for the high-end publishers on typepad, etc.) and on facebook it’s over 300…

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  7. Nate

    Do these data correct for splogs?It feels like Blogger is the new Livejournal (but for older people), a platform for casual bloggers. There’s nothing wrong with that but more “serious” bloggers use WordPress or MoveableType. It gets muddled because lots of people self host and you can’t always tell by looking. Younger people are using Twitter and Facebook for quick updates, and I’m seeing quite a few hipsters writing on Tumblr in chunks smaller than blog posts but more significant than Tweets.Six Apart is in trouble. They’ve got a focus problem (Vox, LJ before selling it) and early technical decisions are weighing MT down (Perl, static site generation). Worst of all, they bungled that licensing/pricing change and MT was not explicitly open source until December 2007.Meanwhile the WordPress engine is unambiguously open source, free, trusted, and even loved. Whenever I think about some feature I want that isn’t in the core yet, there is always a plugin for it. The amount of developer goodwill and momentum WP enjoys reminds me of Firefox. You don’t have to be a billion dollar acquisition target (or even much of a business) to generate a huge amount of value.

  8. minanube

    so.. if twitter user is still counting and counting, is google will buy twitter to?

  9. NigePresto

    Wow – these stats are amazing – especially considering how bad the widgets and plug-ins are for Blogger.Beyond Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, the range of Plug-Ins on WordPress seems to me to be far more user-friendly and impressive than those offered for Blogger.

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