I included this chart in my post yesterday.


I selected it because it made the point I wanted to make (that delicious was languishing under Yahoo!’s ownership). I did check the chart against several other tracking services and was confident it was correct. And it is, sort of.

I got the following email from Joshua yesterday afternoon:

We continue to grow normally.

Unique users is not a good measure of our growth, though.

Much of our traffic is through the firefox and other browser extensions, which is not measured by these systems.

Additionally, we cut off search indexing several months ago, which also hurts the UU numbers.

So I got it wrong, at least partially. And I want to correct the record.

Delicious continues to grow under Yahoo!’s ownership.

I find Joshua’s first point particularly interesting. Much of delicious’ traffic is through firefox and other browser extensions. That rings true to me because it’s how I use the service.

I wonder how many other web apps are accessed via third party services (twitter’s traffic is largely through its api)?

And if that’s a growing trend, then what does that mean for our ability to measure audiences, traffic, and growth from a distance?

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