Design And The Elastic Mind

If you love design and technology and either live in NYC or nearby or plan to visit in the next three weeks, you should go see this exhibit at the MOMA.  We went today and loved it.

Here are some photos I took with my blackberry.


This is the "PainStation" you get shocked when you or the person you are playing against makes a mistake.


I loved these planters. Seems like they belong on the Jetsons.


This was a cool dating visualization. Your randomly pick a dot on the touch screen and it comes out like a cloud with the person’s info in it.


But this was our favorite. It shows a real time map of the IP traffic into NYC from everywhere in the world. Amazing visualization.


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Comments (Archived):

  1. bfeld

    I am all about the Painstation.

    1. fredwilson

      yeah, it’s awesome

      1. Brian

        didn’t it remind you of Never Say Never Again (the James Bond flick).but overall an amazing exhibit. I still don’t understand why TypoSperma is useful…

  2. Yule Heibel

    How I wish I could drop into NYC to see this show…!If you liked Elastic Mind, you might also really appreciate Regine Debatty’s Jan.8/08 entry, “Visualizing: tracing an aesthetics of data” ( from her blog “We Make Money Not Art.” She pulls together a whole bunch of links that relate to visual mapping — some of it with fascinating local (and locative media) implications — starting with John Snow’s famous tracing of cholera to a water well in 19th century London. (Astonishingly, she doesn’t reference Edward Tufte in the body of her post, but comments immediately point out his significance of course.)

  3. Yule Heibel

    PS: while your other posts are about “cleaning house,” I appreciate (as a first-time commenter here) that the thing is still available and I got to “claim” meself… 😉

  4. kskobac

    I was actually checking out the exhibit on Friday – the camera that can identify your face, identify if you’re a male or female, and detect your current emotion was very impressive. On the way out I passed through the yellow light room that appears to strip color from the life… posted a video of people leaving the room

  5. mary

    Unfortunately I missed this show. I was in White Plains around the time of this exhibit and could not make it. This are some great pics…I am curious to see the painstation in action. Is this similar to the james bond simulator that was used. I think it was the one with Sean Connery and he gets shocked. I am dying to see more pics from this exhibit. I wish I could have made it.

  6. monsur

    My favorite item at this exhibit was also the most low-tech. It was these buttons to be worn by different people from different backgrounds, encouraging people to ask questions about each other’s backgrounds and cultures. For example, a woman wearing a burka might also have a button that says “Ask me about..” and a picture of a burka.

  7. Peas and Nuts

    oh man…Did you have a chance to look at the time lapsed map of flights within the US? That’s just amazing! It’s a little scary to see how much air traffic is circulating in the country within a 24 hours span. But what was really cool was seeing the concentration points and correlating them with legacy and low-cost carrier hubs. So fascinating! I went a little over a month ago. It’s great!

  8. coffeeguy

    I already see the painstation creating a youtube phenomenon. Could you imagine how funny that video would be. And who said video games are pain free?????