Diplomacy By Humor


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  1. nickdavis

    Someday they will learn. I might sit through a commercial AFTER I watch the content, but there’s no way I sit through one BEFORE I see anything. Shouldn’t SNL be more concerned with building an audience and not squeezing every penny out of every interaction?As usual Chartreuse knows best.

    1. BN1019

      You are telling me that it is too much to sit through a 14 second commercial? And no I don’t believe you would not sit through a commercial AFTER the content. Give me a break.

      1. Philippe Bradley

        I sure as hell wouldn’t – i click off boring videos or articles, let alone spurious ads i have no interest in.

      2. nickdavis

        Its not “too much”. Its just not worth it.How well would tv have taken off if they forced you to watch acommercial every time you changed the channel?

  2. Daniel Haran

    Wow, Hulu is lame: “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.”

  3. Philippe Bradley

    good thing you only serve your US readership with this video!gotta feel sorry for Hulu – as the child of the major studios it’s tied by outdated, nation-based copyright systems where few other video sharing sites are.

    1. fredwilson

      I had no idea when I posted the video. Sorry

      1. Philippe Bradley

        Just highlights how contrary to the Information Age it is that national legislative heterogeneity interferes with online communication and business; we rarely see digital national boundaries, but when we do, it’s usually a surprising and awkward event, painful for all involved. The sooner the offline world adapts to online (global) realities, the better.

        1. NICCAI

          Agreed. The US is quickly becoming a walled garden for digital media services. Hulu, unBox, Kindle, iPhone, yadda yadda. It is amazing to me to see such progress – yes, that’s sarcasm. And (admittedly slightly off track), I’m dumfounded by the media’s suprise regarding the number of unlocked iPhones. The world is a big place.

  4. Thom Kozik

    @nickdavis…It’s not SNL’s model, but Hulu’s. And to be fair, Hulu generally seems to “get it”. The pre-roll spots are very short to minimize offensiveness to the majority of the audience, but more important to their model – they are wrapping *quality* content that there is audience demand for. While I appreciate your perspective, there’s ample proof (and dead/dying companies to validate) that Post-roll commercials don’t work.To Fred…While I laughed my ass off when this short first aired, and have passed it around the web a number of times, I don’t know if I’d ever classify it as diplomacy. I can’t imagine that those images of Ahmadinejad played too well in Tehran or elsewhere in Iran, let alone helped advance a diplomatic message. Might rank right up there in terms of offensiveness to them, below Dutch cartoons of Mohammed of course. While I think I get your point (joke?), and pieces like this are analogous to Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, aren’t they just preaching to the choir.. those of us (US. UK, et al) on the outside who stand opposed to asshats like Ahmadinejad?I’m sure there’s genuine examples of diplomacy by humor that have been effective at change, I just can’t think of one at this second…

    1. nickdavis

      Just because there is proof that post-roll commercials don’t work doesn’t mean that pre-roll commercials do. Someday they will figure it out, and I’d be willing to wager that the answer won’t be pre-roll. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat through pre-roll commercials on the network streaming sites only to have the show itself not work. Then I try to reload or open it in Internet Explorer, and am forced to watch again. It’s a tedious process and a huge turn-off.YouTube was successful because you could click the button and the video just started. Immediately. No pre-roll. No “buffering….”. It’s now mandatory for video on the web. I timed the clip above and it was 22 seconds before I got to the content.

      1. Thom Kozik

        Nick, it’s far from “mandatory” on the web… specialized sites like gaming sites (one of the most popular vertical categories for video) have done pre-roll ads for years. Year-after-year the stats for consumption of that content goes *up*.You seem to be missing my point, and YouTube isn’t a valid comparison. It’s a trade-off with respect to *quality*Like you, I wouldn’t sit through pre-roll for piano-playing cats on YouTube either. Nor for stupid skateboarding accidents. Not even for LonelyGirl15. Yet I have NO problem (and apparently neither do millions of other people) sitting through a brief pre-roll for an episode of 30 Rock, delivered via Hulu, direct to my machine on demand.Your 22 second result is far, far, far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m on the world’s lousiest cable modem service in Topanga Canyon, California, and I’ve never had to wait more than 5 seconds, *if at all*. Then again, maybe you were picking an extraordinarily popular piece of content or something, who knows.

        1. nickdavis

          The flaw in your argument is assuming the the quality of a video is knownbefore it’s viewed. How do I determine whether I’m willing to wait 22seconds (Hulu Pre-Roll + Ad Pre-Roll + Delay Time).

      2. fredwilson

        The answer is overlays as google adsense for video and youtube have chosen them. The market will follow google eventuallyFred

  5. agawley

    Hulu = FAILOnly video you posted today I can’t see from over here in the UK. Given that this thing is actually _run_ by the major studios, how come they can’t sort out the international rights? Great example of internal company politics coming before users…

  6. Greg

    Nice to see so many West Village scenes in there. How wild would it have been to pass by that shoot?

  7. Antonio

    Straming not visible outside the us…

  8. Steven Kane

    Great funny brave piece. Bravo SNL!Btw, in Iran, under the law, homosexuality is punishable by DEATH.http://en.wikipedia.org/wik

  9. clint

    Funny clip. Nice to see SNL creating some good stuff again.Also, funny how most comments bash Hulu while ignoring the video. Personally, I don’t mind seeing a short pre-roll ad if the video is filtered by someone with good taste. A small price to pay for a great three minute clip.