Do You Ever Want To Temporarily Unfollow On Twitter?

I know that I have that urge all the time. I will not reveal the guilty parties. In fact, I may be guilty myself of over twittering.

In any case, here’s a cool twitter app built by Union Square Ventures’ very own Andrew Parker.

He calls it TwitterSnooze.

Go ahead an snooze me if you like. I won’t take it personally!

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  1. shareme

    Let me guess is it the same person mentioned as commenting on twittersnooze’s disadvantages? 🙂

  2. vruz

    I’ve personally wanted to temporarily get some silence from Robert Scoble when he’s on a roll. (conferences and meetups generate a lot of output)I’m sure he can’t take it personally, he’s a perfect PR machine… the rest of us mere mortals can only cope so much.

  3. Gabriel Nijmeh

    Do you think people who are over-twittering are the same people who in person will talk to your ear off? So really, regardless of the medium, they are over-communicators? Or do some find it easier to communicate over the Internet and are actually quiet/shy/reserved in person?Which then brings me to my next thought… how would an extrovert vs. an introvert view the use social media tools?

  4. khylek

    Managing the different methods of communication is becoming more and more time consuming. I think what is needed is a Grand Central for IM + Twitter. Have one IM interface, and filter how that gets back to you by users or groups of users.Wouldn’t that make things a lot easier?

    1. Leigh

      Admit it: You feel that way when Howard L. twitters about his farts

  5. Alberto Escarlate

    While snoozing someone during an event could be helpful it may not be the ideal solution for verbose twitterers. Let me explain using Scoble as the canonical case. Snoozing him won’t filter the good from the not so good but only shut him down. At a conference or not his stream’s volume is constantly high and simply shutting it down will only make us miss the 2% signal to his 98% noise. The filters must be more contextual than that and that’s the hard part because what’s relevant to me is not to others.Maybe we need a tool that allows followers to rate each tweet as ‘signal’ or ‘noise’ so we can rank people using s/n ratio. A bit different from Dave Winer’s spewage factor.

    1. tweetip

      Our realtime app addresses the contextual need within your suggestion, cacheop. In Friend Management, you can “snooze” someone (hours/day/ever – handled within our app, not twitter), and/or create keywords/phrases to ignore (#hashtag, conference tags, drunken parties). On the flipside, you can also choose to only see tweets matching friend specific keywords. Then our app continues to filter a tweet based on global events/keys – so a friend may be on snooze, but you may still see their contribution within a broader meme you’re tracking. (A rating scheme will come later)This extreme filtering requires lots of cpu/memory resources, so we’re using a de-centralized model. We’ve watched Google/Yahoo bots long enough to know they can barely handle the flow now, and each day they’re slower :)) hth

  6. jeremystein

    i like that twitter is willing to let everyone use its trademark in their domain name.

    1. Alberto Escarlate

      Very interesting. I think one aspect of the issue points back to the Age Question (…. I look at the Mashable party link in Umair’s post and think that you can’t expect from twenty-somethings concern and commitment to solve global problems. I don’t want to generalize there are of course exceptions but not among (to quote Fred) “the 15 year olds who are hacking up facebook apps”. I applause Google for their commitment to clean energy and you see more mature people shifting their focus (e.g. the Greentech team at Kleiner Perkins). I think this debate is important and the challenge should be taken seriously.

    2. fredwilson

      I think he’s right and I hope we can rise to his challenge. Changing the world isn’t easy and may not be profitable. I don’t really even know how to start.

      1. tweetip

        Create a post, title it “How can the tech industry save civilization from imploding? What tech can be rolled up into solutions NOW”

  7. Kaydee

    this is compliments of shiva from a very appropriate blog post by Evan williams. check it out, you will smile.…you do not twitter too much in my opinion btw.

    1. fredwilson

      Nice link. Thanks for sharing that

  8. curmudgeonly troll

    is available?

  9. bottle

    Just checking Disqus’ commenting system.

  10. Robin Wolaner

    What about snooze on compulsive Facebook status updates? de-friending is so extreme but there are certain people whose updates are way too frequent and content-free.