Etsy's New COO

At the suggestion of Rags Gupta, I met Maria Thomas over a year ago and the minute I met her I knew she’d be great for Etsy. It took Rob Kalin, with a little help from me, a year to convince her of that. But he did and she’s going to start at Etsy’s COO in a few weeks. Etsy’s video crew did this intro of her to the Etsy community and I love it. I hope you do too.

#VC & Technology

Comments (Archived):

  1. Bob

    Good attitude. Seems nice. Cool way to introduce yourself.

  2. mrclark411

    She fits. It works.

  3. ceonyc

    Someone should tell her that the second someone spills glue at Etsy Labs, Mike Arrington’s going to start a flame war. 🙂

  4. greenskeptic

    Cool way to introduce her. And I can see why you courted her for Etsy.

  5. howardlindzon

    i think edgeio is going to take on etsy and twitter. arrington rules 🙂

    1. fredwilson

      I need at least one laugh line a day howard and you provide it without fail!

  6. Maggy Young

    So what’s all this about Mike Arrington & edgeio? Elvis still lives ok.