No, that’s not the name of a George Clinton song (at least to my knowledge) but it should be.

I pretty much eliminated my funk yesterday with the following steps:

1) Blog about it. I’ve gotten (so far) 117 comments from readers and I cannot tell you how great it made me feel to know that people took some time out of their day to try and help me out. Thanks.

2) Took some time off and spent it with the Gotham Gal. It was a beautiful afternoon in NYC yesterday and we spent it in lower manhattan walking around and shopping and talking. Nothing like "someone to love" to take a line from one of the comments.

3) Cooking on the grill and having a great family dinner with the kids.

4) Going to see a show. We went to see She and Him last night at Webster with friends. It was great.

5) A killer bike ride this morning. I rode hard and fast and got up to the GWB and back before I had to wake up the kids.

6) Some more time off. I am on jury duty the next couple days and really enjoying the time off. I am twittering it if anyone cares to follow the case or at least my attempt at getting on a case.

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