No, that’s not the name of a George Clinton song (at least to my knowledge) but it should be.

I pretty much eliminated my funk yesterday with the following steps:

1) Blog about it. I’ve gotten (so far) 117 comments from readers and I cannot tell you how great it made me feel to know that people took some time out of their day to try and help me out. Thanks.

2) Took some time off and spent it with the Gotham Gal. It was a beautiful afternoon in NYC yesterday and we spent it in lower manhattan walking around and shopping and talking. Nothing like "someone to love" to take a line from one of the comments.

3) Cooking on the grill and having a great family dinner with the kids.

4) Going to see a show. We went to see She and Him last night at Webster with friends. It was great.

5) A killer bike ride this morning. I rode hard and fast and got up to the GWB and back before I had to wake up the kids.

6) Some more time off. I am on jury duty the next couple days and really enjoying the time off. I am twittering it if anyone cares to follow the case or at least my attempt at getting on a case.

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  1. Guest

    Thanks for the post yesterday. I was going through a funk as well, and reading that post — and the comments –was a help.

    1. fredwilson

      Group therapy via blogging!I love itGlad to hear it helpedfred

      1. Guest

        i blogged the experience of coming out of my fog, which started with reading your post, so it was definitely group therapy via blogging!

  2. daryn

    congratulations, glad to hear you’re free of the funk! I’ve been going through the same process for the past couple weeks, and it feels great ‘reconnecting’ with myself.

  3. croesus

    Wow Fred.Its so rare that you read something online that is genuinely helpful. I am going through something exactly similar but when you are in the middle of it sometimes you can’t see the obvious answer. I am taking Friday off.Thanks for having the courage to post about something like this.

    1. fredwilson

      I hope the weather is good and you can spend the day outside. Nothing like fresh air and lots of itFred

  4. tweetip

    7) create a new word for the World 🙂

  5. DonRyan

    Your days off kind of got shot to hell be I’m glad your funk is over.

  6. gregory

    funks are fine, the fields need to lie fallow….but….. i tried to post this on the big set of comments, it didn’t register….meditation meditation meditation… i don’t know how people can live without it…. and anything that opens one to the subtle energies, tai chi, chigung, etc…. changing the horizontal is a bit of a help, but going vertical transcends all the limits, changes all the channels, best vacation there is, daily, too

  7. Jaynehilditch

    Glad to hear it’s lifting. Great comments yesterday – some terrific advice, and it got me thinking (and blogging) on a semi-related issue… the links between music and mood.

  8. simondodson

    from venture capital tips to beating a funk …. GOD I LOVE THIS BLOG

  9. Chuck Fishman

    2nd attempt at posting this comment. Please do not use the word funk to describe a rut. Funk is a powerful force, and as George Clinton says “Funk can not only move, it can remove”. I would say sour, stuck, in a rut, worn down … but funk is that special power that at least I use to get over the hump, and I’ve certainly done that in the past two years.I suggest practicing “Entelechy”…And when you put funk + enetelechy – you have something quite powerful…Listen to that song and I know you will feel better tooCheers, Chuck

    1. fredwilson

      I like double meanings!

  10. animusf6

    I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling less…funky. I was going to suggest something laid back and (as cheesy as it sounds) getting in touch with what you like again. I found a great site recently,, that is all about expressing what you’re in to and sharing it with your friends. Might still be worth checking out in the future. Enjoy the great weather!

  11. Kaydee

    funks often preceed a breakthrough. you have shared so much interesting information with so many people and are always generating new great ideas and keepin it real, the funk that preceedes an even higher breakthrough for you is very exciting.

  12. fredwilson

    No worries