Lyric Of The Day

I’ve been posting a lyric from a song to twitter for the past several days. Yesterday, Bijan posted a lyric back. I suggested we form the lyric of the day club and five or six others wanted in. So far, so good

I’ve been thinking of how to do this right. What follows is a suggested way for this to work. Its a work in progress. I want feedback. I’ll post again tomorrow with the final set of instructions on how to play along

1) Start your post with lotd: that is the tag to let everyone know this is your lyric of the day

2) Keep it short. We don’t want the whole song. Just a great line or two

3) Finish with song and artist

Here’s an example from my post yesterday (updated)

lotd: ‘we in brooklyn. ain’t beverly hills basically we pay bills, then chill’ The Stoop – Little Jackie

4) We need to be able to see all of them. We could all follow each other which I started to do but I think that’s overkill.

I think we should all send a text message to twitter that says: track lotd

That will ‘subscribe’ us all to every post that has lotd in it. The one issue with this is that track is not yet implemented in the web and api. So you’ll only get lyric of the day posts on your phone. I think that’s going to change soon but I don’t know when

We could create a new twitter account called lotd. I’ve actually done that in case that’s the preferred approach. We can then post all these lyrics to that page with @lotd. Maybe there’s a way to turn that into a bot that rebroadcasts all of these to everyone who follows it

I think that’s it. So, first and foremost, please join in the fun of sharing great lyrics. Second, let me know what you think of my rules. And third, I could use some feedback on which way everyone would rather go for alerting when there’s a new lyric of the day posted.