Mike Doughty - I Wrote A Song About You Car

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  1. mattmaroon

    Man I miss Soul Coughing.

  2. Tony_Alva

    Did you shoot that at the in store this weekend?

    1. fredwilson

      Nope. Just found it on youtube

  3. SB Dave

    great cut. the doughty cocktail always works for me: one part quirk with two parts melody

  4. phinder

    Seeing him 4/29 @ Fillmore in SF, can’t wait, loved Soul Coughing too!

  5. michael Bergman

    Saw Mike Doughty last week here in N. Kentucky (Cincinnati) – he was great. Definitely recommend him – he’s great with crowd, definitely talented, and very funny. Heard from the sound guy that the show will be posted at archive.org . Saw some other’s up there now, just waiting for mine to pop up – http://www.archive.org/sear