Reading Techmeme Outloud

I’m doing what I do every morning. Reading techmeme. So I figured I’d read it "outloud" this morning.

Google Might Take Skype Off Of eBay’s Hands
– Awesome news, if true. Skype is a fantastic property owned by the wrong company. I’ve said that since the news of the eBay purchase first came out. Skype has languished under eBay’s ownership. I can imagine all kinds of great things Google (which I own) can do with Skype.

Google Exec Goes To EMI To Run Digital – When Brad Feld sent me this link yesterday, I thought it was an april fools joke. I still do.

Children Flock To Social Networks – Tell me something I don’t know. My kids live on social nets and their cell phones.

Amazon Launches SMS Buying Service – Sweeeeeet. I posted about this idea a while back. It’s a killer idea and Amazon (which I own) is so smart to do this.

VCs hunkering down because of economic problems – Ooh. I have to post about that and I will.

Four startups make it easier to follow twitter discussions – it never ceases to amaze me how many great services are built on top of twitter.

Is anyone else having trouble with techcrunch this morning? The links to techcrunch aren’t working on my laptop.

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