A Flood Of News From Outside.in

Outside.in announced not one but three big pieces of news today:

A new CEO

A round of financing (their first real round)

And a new service (called Radar)

Techcrunch and Alley Insider have the news, but I like my post on the USV blog even better.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. gregory

    loved the concept when i first heard of it, and the writer/thinker behind it, never used the service, seems to need a critical mass of users to be dense with utility … has it reach this? i dunno, but i am on the other side of the world from its (initial) target market … turning a concept into a business is not often easy, and one which “specializes” in the grains or droplets of the vaporization that is the web these days seems nearly impossible … that is, until it suddenly goes “boink” … makes me think about informatin as service vs. info as commoditiy… hmm

    1. fredwilson

      You got the challenges right. Not an easy one to solve but the one who does ………

      1. gregory

        remembered the roll out of usa today … suddenly, tv-like vending boxes appeared in neighborhoods, spooky almost, and then the paper, with its (token?) local content, combined with the national pap ….and maybe outside.in still has a choice, to go for the ubiquitous and banal, like usa today (listings, events), or be a source for quality, and for change (transformation processes and organizations, the dynamic as opposed to the static) … an editorial choice as much as a business choice

  2. andyswan

    So how does outside.in know where I am? Do I have to tell it?

    1. fredwilson

      maybe, unless you are using a location aware device

      1. andyswan

        Just thinking how cool it would be to discover twitterers, bloggers or startups from my trailer park. I’m always pleasently surprised at what is going on in Louisville startups when we have events…..I’m sure it’s the same in every city, every niche.Grand Slam if they focus on discovery and forget arrgegation of the known… IMOGood luck to outside.in!!!!