Best Blog Post In A Long Time

I totally agree with Tim O’Reilly’s post about Microsoft/Yahoo! and the web as a platform. If you care about the web, where it is, and where it’s going, you need to read it in it’s entirety. It’s awesome.

I’ve been saying for months that Microsoft should not buy Yahoo!, that Yahoo! should outsource its search to Google, and that Yahoo! should get leaner and meaner and focus on the things it does better than anyone else on the web. I’ve said this so much that I can’t link out to all of the posts where I’ve argued this point, but here is my opening argument on the subject.

Here are some great one liners from Tim’s post:

Microsoft was once motivated by its own Big Hairy Audacious Goal:
"a computer on every desk and in every home." They achieved that goal,
and ever since, they’ve drifted. Now their only goal seems to be to
stay on top of the heap. They need to stop focusing on eating other
people’s lunch and start thinking deeply about what kind of goals might
stretch the company once again.

I believe that we’re collectively working on an Internet Operating System,
and that it will ultimately look more like Unix than it looks like
Windows. That is, it will be an aggregate of best of breed tools
produced by an army of independent actors, all playing by the same
rules so that those tools work together to produce a whole greater than
the sum of the parts.

Fighting over search is a bit like the Free Software Foundation
re-implementing cat, ls, sort, and all the other Unix utilities that
were already available in the Berkeley distributions of Unix.

While they [Microsoft] are locked in penis envy, all the really cute girls are going out with startups 🙂

This is the real Web 2.0, the web as platform.  Search and its advertising economy is only one subsystem of that platform.

Imagine an iPod where you could only buy music from the Apple music store instead of ripping your own CDs

Above all, remember that great companies have "big, hairy audacious goals."

Amen Brother

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