Discussing Web 2.0

There are two web 2.0’s.

There’s the mantra that has come to define the second "up move" of the Internet. Every run needs a name and this one has been called web 2.0. That’s nice enough and if this run comes to an end, and surely it will at some point, then it will probably be the end of the web 2.0 mantra as well. I’d be happy to see it go.

Then there’s the "web as a platform" meme that the man who coined web 2.0, Tim O’Reilly, meant it for. Tim articulates that meme really well in a series of two posts he wrote over the memorial day weekend. Web 2.0, in Tim’s mind, is the ultimate incarnation of the web:

I believe that we’re collectively working on an Internet Operating System,
and that it will ultimately look more like Unix than it looks like
Windows. That is, it will be an aggregate of best of breed tools
produced by an army of independent actors, all playing by the same
rules so that those tools work together to produce a whole greater than
the sum of the parts.

That web 2.0 is just getting going and is probably a ten or twenty year work in progress. Maybe we are five years into building this Internet Operating System.

So, that’s my frame of mind going into a discussion I am participating in on Friday at TieCon East in Waltham Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston). I am on a panel with Don Dodge, David Cancel, Nabeel Hyatt, and Brian Balfour. The title of the panel is Web 2.0: Viable Business Model or Bursting Bubble? And my answer is, of course, neither. 

It should be fun. If you live in or around the Boston area, stop by the Westin in Waltham at 10:45am and join the discussion.

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