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Never go into venture capital if you want a peaceful life. Keep on financing concrete that doesn’t move, that doesn’t call you at 2am in the morning

Of course this is true about entrepreneurship, even more so than venture capital. At least in venture capital, you’ve got portfolio diversification to keep you sane.

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  1. Brett Topche

    I think the best part of being a VC is that the entrepreneurs care enough to call at 2 in the morning. Try finding that level of passion in concrete.

    1. fredwilson

      So true

  2. Stephanos Anton Ballmerfeld

    Good quote!

  3. tim

    I think the same goes for startups. I am in a nice relatively sane IT consulting position that pays incredibly well for the sole purpose of racking up enough savings so I can go do IT for startups again because I enjoy the chaos and 2am phone calls.

  4. David Larkin

    Hi Fred- I thought you might be amused to know, if you already don’t , that your blog does not make it past the Chinese censors, so I was not able to keep up with your posts on my recent trip. You must be doing something right – keep up the good work.

    1. fredwilson

      I think they block all of the domainSo it’s not just me, it’s what all of us are doing something rightWhich is free speech

  5. shanedjones

    Funny, I thought the 2am ‘meeting’ was a modern phenomenon. Good to know it’s been around for half a century.If it’s any consolation, we think hard before just picking up the phone and calling you at 2am…(“I’m sure he’s awake, he just responded to my email an hour or two ago….this feature we just built is too important to wait until the morning…uh, hello, I didn’t wake you did I….hop on this URL, you’ve got to try this out….)

  6. gregory

    it is true about life too … if you want a peaceful life, fit in to the systems … if you want to be you, and you can do anything, but of course you will take some blows

  7. jim Peterson

    Hi Fred:Avid reader of your blog, keep p the good work.Re:Keep on financing concrete that doesn’t move, that doesn’t call you at 2am in the morning…The concrete does move over here at http://www.concretenetwork.comThanks!