Neil Young on Stage at Java One

I am going to get every one of his "dumps"

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  1. peteonrails

    Kinda puts things in perspective to hear him say, “it covers about 40 or 50 years” of his career. That’s a lot of content.

    1. fredwilson

      not many can say they’d been relelvant and productive musicians for that length of timehe’s special

  2. dgulbran

    Wow… those “dumps” look like they will be awesome.But what is with the audience?? Were there only 6 people there?? When he came out, it sounded like two people were clapping… 🙂

    1. lodbroke

      Not many of the younger generation knows who he is :)And all the senior ones like myself was directed to stay at work and take care of the backend support 🙂

  3. david hyman

    me too. i actually bought a playstation 3 the day before the announcement due to getting swept up in GTA4 hoopla. all who care about sound quality and are unsatisfied with 44.1 sampling rates should look at the new DTS mastersound releases for blu ray (bit for bit exact duplicates of the masters). i just got the elvis costello live in memphis (with emmylou harris) on blue ray with the new DTS. shot at 1080p and provides higher sampling rates (better sound quality) than cd. dvd almost never offered 2 channel 480p video with cd quality sampling rates (aside from one live joni mitchell i have).now that the high res dvd war is over, blu ray is the holy grail for music/video lovers.

  4. GL

    Simply put one of the best!!

  5. JayR

    The video doesn’t seem to be working anymore, but I read the recap on some other blogs. Very psyched. Maybe now we can get a version of “Rust Never Sleeps” that isn’t blurry!!!

  6. fredgraver

    For decades (no pun intended), we’ve all been hearing that Neil was going to release “everything.” Amazing that he waited for the technology that could recreate the EXPERIENCE of listening to his early music. This is really exciting.