The Tow Pound

Its been about 20 years since I had my car towed. It happened today during my son’s baseball game. The parking spot I used last sunday apparently is a tow zone the other six days of the week. A good reminder to check the signs every time you park

The tow pound is located on the west side highway at 38th street. It in the same place I went to get our mustang 20 years ago

Like many government run operations, its not particularly efficient. The line is long and full of pissed off people. No wonder the workers are behind bullet proof glass. It takes about 45 minutes from the time you arrive until you get your car back if you have all your paperwork. You must have your drivers license, your registration, and your insurance card if you want to get your car back.


It used to be you had to show up with $185 cash to get your car back. They take credit now. That’s progress.

The coolest part of the tow pound is the pier full of cars and tow trucks. Its one of the biggest indoor parking lots I’ve ever seen.


And there are quite a few cars there which appear to have been there for quite a while. I thought the city took possesion after a short time and auctioned them off. Apparently not.