Twittering A Hedge Fund Event

I went to an event yesterday that featured a number of people active in the hedge fund industry and the financial markets. Here is the series of twitters I sent during that event.

  Headed to the semi annual meeting of a hedge fund of funds. Expect to get some insights and will twitter them

  Observation: great hedge fund managers have come out of goldman, tiger, and michael price’s firm

  Has the financial system crisis run its course? Most likely yes if banks and the fed keep doing what they are doing

  Has housing in the US bottomed? Maybe not, but the bottom is nearing. Watch for change in expectations, not prices

  What about the US economy? A tale of two cities. Not like past recessions.

  Inflation? Watch out, its here and more is on its way driven by massive global liquidity of capital

  Regional banks: look for a wave of regional bank failures. Fed won’t bail them out

  To clarify that string of tweets and what follows: these are opinions I am hearing at a hedge fund event

Systemic risk is largely gone from the
markets but economy risk remains. Market knows how to price the latter
but not the former

  @tweetipFH oil (and food) prices are creating big problems in parts of the economy

Hedge fund manager singing the praises of
aapl. He’s right of course. But his framework is based on the world as
it exists right now

  Had to leave the hedge fund event. I hope you enjoyed the twitters