So now the discussion turns from who the nominees will be (McCain and Obama obviously) to who the VPs will be.

McCain has apparently invited two governors and Romney to his ranch in Arizona this weekend. I think he should pick Romney but we’ll see.

Since I don’t plan on voting for McCain (age, temperment, foreign policy, supreme court nominees, fiscal policy, etc are getting in the way), my concern is who Obama will pick.

The NY Post says this morning that pressure is mounting to pair Obama and Hillary. And:

Bill Clinton is among those who want his wife on Obama’s ticket, Time magazine reported yesterday.

The former president "is pushing real hard for this to happen," says a friend, according to the magazine.

I’d be all for that and have suggested as much on this blog recently. I was torn between the two and voted for Hillary in the NY primary. I’ve been gradually swayed by Obama as he’s weathered the storm I was sure to come at him. I think he’s hardened and much tougher for the experience and will make a fine candidate in the fall and a strong President if elected. But I think Hillary is also a great candidate who would make a fine President if anything were to happen to Obama. And the "unity ticket" is certainly appealing from a political perspective. Obama is struggling to win over significant parts of the Democrat voter base and Hillary could really help him.

And now comes John Heilemann with the news that both Obama and McCain have Mike Bloomberg on their short list:

maybe it was inevitable that the veepstakes would yield a circumstance
this bizarre: the presumptive nominees of both parties seriously
mooting the concept of teaming up with the same dude. And not just any
dude, mind you, but the Democrat turned Republican turned Independent,
divorced, Jewish billionaire mayor of our glorious metropolis. The mind
doth fairly reel at the notion—and even more so at the fact that it
might actually make sense for either of them

I suspect John is right (he’s got access to people who know and I don’t), but this makes no sense to me. Bloomberg is the classic entrepreneur. He needs to be in charge. I can’t imagine him ever agreeing to sit around doing nothing for four or eight years.

My money is on McCain/Romney and Obama/Hillary. And that will be a good race, the kind of race America needs this fall.