Convenience Beats Quality

I’ve been writing about this theme for about as long as I’ve been blogging.

I regularly opt for a 128kps stream on the Internet over a vinyl record played on our high end audio system (because I can search for the music I want to hear and play it instantly).

I lost my Canon SD850 recently and chose not to replace it. I use the camera in my blackberry 90% of the time anyway (because it has the ability to instantly post to the web).

And so it was interesting to me to read the comments on Techcrunch regarding Scoble’s interview with the Twitter team on Friday, like this one:

What’s the obsession with qik? Even a cheap/small video camera would be better quality that this.

To which Scoble replies:

when I woke up this morning I didn’t plan to do this interview. If I
did it with other equipment I wouldn’t have been able to get it up so

Exactly. I thought the video was fine. Sure it wasn’t TV quality, but I could care less. It got the point across. To those who care, it was great journalism. Scoble had been critical of Twitter, he thought they were blaming him for the outages, he went over, turned on his camera and recorded the conversation.

Bravo. As someone else said in the comments:

I love what Qik and Kyte and Nokia and others are doing … just needs
time to mesh. Scoble is out on point, taking the first bullets as he’s
discovering new stuff. I give him credit for trying new things and
trying to get interesting content.

The ability to do something is so much more important than the ability to do it in high quality. That will come in time of course.