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technology has proved a rewarding field for American Research and Development and is particularly well suited to creative capital investing

From Doriot’s "Creative Capital" speech in Chicago in March 1961 (five months before I was born)

One of Doriot’s great contributions to the practice of venture capital was showing which kinds of companies were well suited to it and which were not. When ARD got started, they invested in stuff like tuna fishing and oil exploration. When the ARD employees left to start their own firms in the mid 60s (most notably Greylock), they were pretty much focused on technology oriented businesses because they’d learned this lesson that Doriot lays out in this quote.

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  1. jackson

    So where’s the stuff we need? Where’s the investment in renewable energy? Where’s the investment in making America healthier and smarter? Twitter is cool and all, but…..well you get my point. I know that stuff is not your niche, I’m just grouchy this morning.

  2. fredwilson

    grouch away. it’s your right. you won’t be the only grouch on this blog today!two things1) a lot of venture money is going into “clean tech”, “green tech” and biotech. i don’t do that kind of investing because i have to stick to what i know. but a lot of venture firms are making big investments in “making america healthier and smarter”2) you should read Umair Haque, a british guy, who has been saying what you just said for a while. here’s some good posts to start withhttp://www.bubblegeneration…http://www.bubblegeneration

  3. jackson

    I just think if we can put robots on Mars and build a seperate country/economy inside Iraq that we can do a shit-ton of more important things.

    1. fredwilson

      You got that right!