Firefox 3 Launch Tomorrow (and Party)

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I suspect everybody knows by now that tomorrow is the official launch of Firefox 3. For me, there is no other browser. I’ve tried them all and Firefox (despite all of its issues) is the browser for me.

A couple things to note about tomorrow. Firefox is trying to break a record for the most downloads in a 24 hour period. So if you plan to download FF3, you might as well do it tomorrow and contribute to a record being set.

And if you are in NYC, the official NYC FF3 launch party will be held at our portfolio company Adaptive Blue. Details are on the Adaptive Blue blog, but here’s the most important stuff:

– it’s completely open to one and all
– we’re hoping for Firefox fans and
users, startups developing addons, and anyone interested in the web
– Mozilla’s sending swag
– Adaptive Blue is providing free beer/pizza.

Tuesday June 17th, 6-9pm
131 Varick St
Suite 909

You can RSVP in the comments to the Adaptive Blue blog or on the Mozilla party page.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Doug Kersten

    I’m THERE!

  2. Steven Kane

    i too worship firefoxbut firefox 3 doesn’t (yet?) support a bunch of plugins — for me, the painful one being google browser syncany ideas what i can do instead?

    1. Austin Bryan

      Steve – I don’t know about Google browser sync in particular, but I’ve made several of my plugins compatible with 3.0 by opening up each extension’s “install.rdf” file and upping the max version number. Probably not the best way to update them, but it usually gets the job done for non-programmers like myself.

    2. whitneymcn

      Steve -Unfortunately you may want to dig into other options in any case — the latest word (via lifehacker) is that Google is discontinuing development of browser sync:

  3. Scott

    wish i could be there – any launch parties in LA?

    1. Fraser

      Hey Scott, I’m not sure if there are any launch parties in LA but if so you’ll be able to find them on the Mozilla Party site:

  4. Mrinal

    I think its one of the best examples of how creating an ecosystem of developers and services can increase the switching cost to anything else!

  5. tjgillies

    all the good stuff happens in NYC, throw some parties in Hawaii man, I know you want to. Maui, not Oahu though. That island is junk 😉

  6. reddawg

    You have to have SP 3? Dang, I had to uninstall sp3 since it caused so many problems. How did you all get a good sp 3 instalol?

  7. fakedjs

    Safari is still much faster on the mac.

  8. Alan

    I didn’t realize Adaptive Blue is in your portfolio. I just came across the Firefox plugin the other day – pretty cool.

    1. fredwilson

      Yes. They are doing some interesting stuffFred

  9. jengroff

    I have loved, and want to continue to love, the FireFox browser. However, FF 2.0+ on a MAC is horribly buggy, especially for power users. More than 5 tabs open at a time and it bogs down; I experience at least one FF crash per day. This has been true, in my experience, on Intel-based Macs as well as the IBM chip versions, and is a widespread experience among the Mac users I know.

  10. Sagar isn’t even loading for me…

  11. kenberger

    I am about to write a post entitled: “How NOT to launch a product”, talking of this release.Recipe goes like this: Rally supporters and build hype, but schedule it for 10am local time instead of midnite, AND make it impossibly unclear as to when exactly on the release date the dload will be available, then for the first couple hours have all the related servers pointing to the dloads not able to withstand the load that your campaign succeeded in achieving…

    1. fredwilson

      Are you writing that post on the failblog?