Graphing Social Patterns East

I’ve come to the conclusion that the best conferences are small emerging events that focus intensely on a specific market sector. Of course, you have to be interested in that market sector.

One such event is happening next week in Washington DC. It’s called Graphing Social Patterns and it’s an O’Reilly event focused on:

developers and marketers building and distributing apps for MySpace, Facebook, OpenSocial and other social networking platforms

It’s on June 9th to 11th in Crystal City (right next to Reagan National Airport). I hope to be there for at least one day of the conference. If you are on the east coast and are working in this sector, this one’s probably worth attending.

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  1. yeckenr

    couldn’t agree more – the niche conferences are by far the best… some co-workers attended this one in San Diego earlier in the year and really enjoyed it…

  2. fakedjs

    Fred, I’m extremely passionate about community building particularly around music but I simply don’t have the money for this especially w/ the new iphone coming out. And my boss will never subsidize this. Do you know if there’s a discount for the passionate?

    1. fakedjs

      I live in DC!

    2. fredwilson

      I don’t but hopefully the organizers will see your comment and reply

  3. kenberger

    Dave McClure (“DMC”) is a gifted M.C. and conf organizer, and extremely steeped in this subject matter.He’s behind this gig and it is sure to deliver.

    1. davemc500hats

      ken, i owe you a cigar 🙂

  4. compassioninpolitics

    Thats a great location, because its a four block walk from the Crystal City shopping district and the Crystal City metro.I miss DC sooo much.

  5. andyswan

    Not surprising….I think the best COMPANIES are small emerging companies that focus intensely on a specific market sector.

    1. fredwilson


  6. davemc500hats

    @fakedjs: for the starving geek, you can get a 30% off discount by using the following reg code: gspe08fgdalso, if you’ve built an app & want to enter the AppNite demo contest, you can get a 50% off discount by entering your app here:…(and thanks for the plug fred!)

    1. Alberto Escarlate

      Dave, Not trying to start a debate about which city is best but I’m curious why DC and not New York.

      1. davemc500hats

        for this year, O’Reilly chose San Diego & DC as west / east coast options…next year, we’ll probably do SF bay area & NYC.

  7. Charles Hudson

    Fred,Glad to hear you giving support to smaller, focused conferences. I’m organizing a one day conference called the Social Gaming Summit (http://www.socialgamingsumm…) and one of your portfolio companies, Zynga, is planning to speak. Keep up the great blogging! Also happy to offer your readers a discount if they want to attend.

    1. fredwilson

      CharlesThis is exactly the kind of event that makes sense, small and focused.I’ll try to go and if anyone else is interested, leave a comment and charleswill find you and get you a discountfred

  8. gregory

    i will put this here ….… … a fabulous stick-figure understanding about influence of 2.0 at work , quick, genius

  9. GraemeThickins

    I attended Graphing Social Patterns West, and highly recommend this event.Dave McClure and the O’Reilly people do a great job.

  10. Craig Dalton

    I’ll be there and agree this an awesome conference. We’ll be discussing mobile and social networks on a panel on Tuesday.

  11. daryn

    I went to the first GSP in San Jose, and it was excellent.Dave is a great host and does an awesome job with the schedule and speakers too.

  12. bybilgi

    yeah, i can give some information about GSP >>>… i agree with you, if ı have chance to join, surely i go there….

  13. alex bard

    Fred – would love to see you there…will send you an email

  14. sfrederick

    Fred — glad to hear you might be coming to the conference. I heard great things about GSP’s West Coast swing and so I am optimistic for next week. But I didn’t have a feel for what sort of VC presence there’d be.I’ll look out for you.Hopefully we get the temperature down below 100 for our out of town guests. 😉

    1. fredwilson

      I like conferences with no vcs and lots of smart entrepreneurs and developrs

  15. tersew

    in San Jose , i went to a GSP conference, it not perfect but it was usefull for me!…