Help Me Welcome Eric To Union Square Ventures

We announced the hiring of Eric Friedman today on the Union Square Ventures blog.

And he responded with his thoughts on his blog.

Please help me welcome Eric to our team.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Dorsey

    Welcome, Eric!

  2. agawley

    Good luck Eric. I think you’re joining a great team.

  3. GL

    This is why I like USV. They didn’t solely rely on a Stanford or Harvard degree. After reading Eric’s background and blog you get a sense of someone who is smart, articulate, hungry to learn, curious and has the entrepreneurial spirit.Congrats Eric you’ve landed at one of the top VC firms!Fred, if USV decides to open a west coast office I’ll throw my hat in the ring:)

  4. rosswhiting

    Owe it. Eric. Good Luck.

    1. rosswhiting

      Correction: Own it. Eric. Good Luck.

  5. howardlindzon

    whats his answer for the knicks. I am watching this kid….

  6. CCjudy

    Ericyou have the stuff that magic mixed with power is made of…keep onJudy

  7. adityagada

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  8. meme esteti─či

    meme esteti─či