How Best To Be A Social Media Monster In Europe?

I plan to spend a fair amount of time in europe this summer between some family vacation, scoping out some new web startups in europe, and attending the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in August where my daughter is putting a play on with some schoolmates.

I want to be a social media monster with the new Nokia N95 I am getting. I’ll have qik, twitter, flickr, tumblr, and a host of other services tightly integrated with the phone and I want to post directly from the phone. I am sure I can get all of this to work pretty well.

But the thing I want some advice on is what’s the best way to deal with the carrier on the phone. I am currently thinking that I’ll keep my blackberry for email and phone calls and get a good roaming plan from t-mobile and keep using my phone number while I am in europe.

And I am thinking of getting a good data plan for the N95 and maybe not even get voice for that phone. Given how much texting and MMS and data I plan to use on the N95, I think I want to get an unlimited plan. And I’d like to use it throughout western and eastern europe.

Anyway, I think you all get the picture. What’s the best strategy for me to use this summer?

#VC & Technology