Outside.in launches Radar

Outside.in launched its new "radar" user interface yesterday and had their single largest day in the company’s history in traffic and new registered users. Here are three screenshots of the radar UI (because I can’t get the whole page with the screengrab too I use). These three sections are all delivered on a single page.

I am in SF today and staying on Geary near the tenderloin. Radar knows
where I am and tells me what’s going on nearby (within 1000 feet).


But Radar also knows about the neighborhood I am in and shows me "conversational content" about the larger neighborhood I am in. Note that the "conversational content" includes tweets about the local neighborhood.


Finally, Outside.in remembers that I care about other places like the Shake Shack and Pier 40 in NYC and Pizzeria Mozza in LA. If things are happening in places I care about, Radar lets me know about them.


Everyone who has seen the new Radar user interface (it’s been in private beta for the past month) loves it. So if you’ve been looking for a web-based tool to keep track of the goings on in your neighborhood and the places around the US you care about (outside.in is not yet available outside of the US), give it a try and let me know what you think.

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