Techmeme and "Blogging 2.0"

Man I hate the term "blogging 2.0". It’s just that blogging is evolving and we need something to call it. Anyway, the term blogging 2.0 refers to the disaggregated posting and microblogging trend that twitter spawned and friendfeed and others have fueled. When you’ve got something to say, you say it wherever you happen to be at that point in time. It could be a twitter post, it could be a comment on disqus, or a share link on friendfeed. And the conversation ensues. Just like a blog post, except that it happens on one of many services. Sometimes the conversations are aggregated back up to the place they started and sometimes they are not. This is a source of debate, concern, and disagreement for many, but try as hard as we might, and I am for trying hard, we aren’t going to put blogging back in the bottle. The genie is out.

So where does that leave techmeme and the other "blog aggregators"? Their goal is to capture the most interesting conversations happening in the blog world at any one time and present them on a single page. And they are fantastic. Not a day goes by where I don’t visit Techmeme, Hacker News, delicious popular, and several others at least once.

But what if the most intersting conversation is happening on twitter or friendfeed? Then what?

That was the point of my tweet last night:

Q: what will be the first twitter post to get picked up on techmeme and who will post it?

I got a bunch of great responses, which can be seen here, including:

davewiner: @fredwilson — I’ve asked Gabe this question, and he doesn’t scan Twitter, so it doesn’t seem possible.


mikepratt: @fredwilson is one Twitter post ever that important…or is it the context of the conversation that elevates it?


howardlindzon: @fredwilson likely a takeover or deal leak

I think we will see newsworthy posts start in twitter and elsewhere and conversations emanate from them. So it’s time for the aggregators to start paying attention to the twitters and friendfeeds and others who are driving blogging’s evolution.

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