Top Records of 2008 (so far)

I generally post my top 10 records at the end of the year and I certainly plan on doing that again this year. But I couldn’t help but get into this NPR poll to determine the top records so far this year.

My votes were for Bon Iver, Dengue Fever, MGMT, My Morning Jacket, and Vampire Weekend. I might have voted for Mike Doughty’s Golden Delicious or Kooks’ Konk, but neither were on the list.

But the best part of this poll is the comment thread. I bought three records just reading through it; Jason Collett, The Dodos, and Momofuku – Elvis Costello’s new record.

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  1. J T. Ramsay

    That’s a pretty weak offering. Portishead’s ‘Third’ is outstanding, but the overall narrowness of the poll (i.e. weak sauce indie rock) is what’s most depressing. 2008 hasn’t been a great year for music by any standard, but the glaring omissions in that list make it look like the end is extremely fucking nigh for music.Lastly, Death Cab for Cutie are the Air Supply of a new generation.

    1. fredwilson

      Got some suggestions for us?

    2. Jon

      Death Cab for Cutie are the Air Supply of a new generation.Perhaps thats the key to their success. Every generation needs some Air Supply.

  2. Miguel Caetano

    You might add El Guincho’s “Alegranza”, Atlas Sound’s “Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See…” and Tape’s “Luminarium” to the list

    1. fredwilson

      Thanks for the suggestions. So much good new music!

  3. Gabriel Nijmeh

    Here are a few other Canadian artists you might like that have released new music this year that have caught my ear:Hawksley Workman – http://www.hawksleyworkman…. – I’m really liking the new album, “Between The Beautifuls”. He has worked with Jason Collett on past albums/projects.Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning –…Forest City Lovers – Haunting Moon Sinking –…Hey Rosetta – of great music up here in Canada!

  4. fakedjs

    Good morning, I hope I inspired this blog entry. Yesterday, I posted my ‘Best of 2008 (midway point)’ on your Best records of 2007. I hope you had a listen:…Thanks.

  5. agpatter

    interesting list (and as an aside, i always like your suggestions of what you are listing to), but isn’t a list of albums a little old school?

    1. fredwilson

      yes it is, but this is not my list actuallyit’s a NPR poll that i reblogged

  6. felix

    Another vote for El Guincho’s Alegranza! – I didn’t like it at first but now the more I listen to it the more I like it. Colin Meloy Sings, is also really good. But I waver on Dengue Fever – initially I loved it but as I listen to it more, there’s only a couple tracks that I seem to continue to enjoy.Some others… Barton Carroll’s got a bunch of really great ones on the Lost One. Same with Lykke Li. So far I haven’t come across an album that completely blows me away front to back.

  7. tmarman

    Bon Iver and Vampire Weekend are definitely two of my favorites. I Stand Corrected might still be my top song of the year to date. Coldplay is up there and getting a lot of love, but it’s harder to be objective about it since I still haven’t listened to it as much or has as much time to reflect as some of the others.Other top plays according to (doing my best to figure out what was 2008 and not).Morcheeba, Dive Deep. I hated Morcheeba without Skye, but this album is simply awesome. Death Cab, Narrow Stairs. I actually enjoy this album a lot… different, sure, but I’m a fan.Gnarls Barkley, The Odd Couple.Portishead, Third. In all honesty, I found this somewhat disappointing, but it’s still Portishead and great for programming :)Nada Surf. Enjoyable, but mostly forgettable for me.Nine Inch Nails, The Slip. Ghosts was enjoyable especially as programming music, but The Slip is more like classic Trent.Some other notables that could be/might be up there, but I need to listen more. Would love to hear what others think or, if you haven’t heard them already, check them out.Foals – Antidote.These New Puritans – Beat Pyramid.Tokyo Police CLub – Elephant Shell.The Raconteurs album was a little disappointing to me as compared to the first. I LOVED Broken Boy Soldier, but I merely enjoy this one 🙂

  8. Steve Poland

    Santogold — this album is great upbeat stuff. Also Lykke Li.Ratatat – LP3.She and Him — this is M. Ward with Zooey Danshel [actress]. It’s like classic country music — really well done.Yeasayer — i know, this is from 2007 — but it’s a frickin trip. They are from NYC I believe.Wolf Parade — OMFG.Islands – Arm’s Way — great sophomore album.Girl Talk – Feed the Animals — get ready to party, dance, or work-out. Mashup of everything you love and love to hate. [if you like Girl Talk, check out ‘Car Stereo Wars – The Bandit’ as well.]Death Cab for Cutie — the album is incredible — they just keep getting better and better.Flobots — listen to the song ‘handle bars’ and then get the whole album.Sigur Ros — the new album is awesome; they get better and better.The Raconteurs — this is the supergroup of all supergroups. They just know how to make amazing (classic) rock music. Instant hits.rap fans — sidenote, and this is old, but I can’t stop listening to T.I. vs T.I.P.LOOK OUT for new albums soon by: Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s [their first album is in my top 10 of all-time; indie rock 8-person band from Indy and lead singer is a genius], The Silent Years [great indie rock], Conor Oberst [self-titled; lead singer of Bright Eyes], and Beck [produced by Danger Mouse – new single ‘chemtrails’ is a drum anthem]. “30 Seconds to Mars” must be coming out with one very soon — lead singer is actor Jared Leto, and honest to god, it is some of the most original “rock” music I’ve heard — their first album still blows my mind to this day. I would think Sufjan Stevens has one coming soon too.If you like Springsteen, grab albums by Moneybrother and/or Will Hoge.

    1. fredwilson

      i love sigur ros, gotta get into the new record.raconteurs is good too.i’ll check out some of these other suggestionsthanksfred

      1. HunterNF

        Fred, I think you’ll like Royal Bangs “We Breed Champions.” It’s not on iTunes, but Amazon carries the album. Some songs are also on hypem. The band will be playing at Mercury Lounge next Saturday at 7:30.Hunter

  9. rogo_2000

    Since everyone’s adding their own suggestions, let me add a few — Frightened Rabbit, “The Midnight Organ Fight”; Grand Archives, “The Grand Archives”; Mystery Jets, “21” (UK-only release so far); Silver Jews, “Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea”; and The Wedding Present, “El Rey”.I’m not a fan of most of what’s on the NPR list, though the Bon Iver, Lightspeed Champion, Magnetic Fields and Shearwater discs are definitely on my list for 2008 right now.

  10. Brian

    Please do yourself a huge favor and check out the brand new album from Chicago’s Smoking Popes. Its entitled “Stay Down” and is a work of art.Smoking Popes will be in NYC area on July 5.

  11. Liz

    Oh, man, this post makes me feel old. I definitely need to update my musical selection ’round here. Thanks for the recommendations and I’ll check out the NPR comment sectionas well. I also hear a lot of new, unfamiliar music on WNYC’s John Schaefer’s Soundcheck and New Sounds. What can I say, I’m an NPR junkie although I sometimes forget to write down artist’s names and spend way too much time tracking them down later.

  12. Perry

    Great thread…Some adds active on my play list these days:- Cold War Kids- Bedouin Soundclash- Last Shadow Puppets (side band of arctic monkey lead)and ++ votes for Wolf Parade, Tokyo Police ClubWas really into Vampire Weekend, but they disappointed @ coachella. A great pop vibe but flat live band.

  13. markslater

    what no kooks? loved the new album.On a seperate note fred there is a great show on sundance channel (channel of the year IMO) called live at abbey road. You will love this. DVR it.

  14. Chipotle

    These have been in heavy rotation around our house:Asking for Flowers — Kathleen EdwardsLoose Boots EP — honeyhoneyMission Control — The WhigsDead Pony EP — Nico StaiGiving Up the Ghost — Jackie GreeneThe Midnight Organ Fight — Frightened RabbitShe and Him Volume One — She and HimVampire Weekend — Vampire Weeked

    1. rogo_2000

      Ah, I forgot to mention that Whigs album in my earlier post. Awesome album, awesome band. If you have an opportunity to see them live, take it.

      1. Chipotle

        I saw them a couple weeks ago. Loud, raucous, classic rock. I loved it.

  15. Austin Bryan

    Pleased (albeit a bit surprised) to see the Fleet Foxes doing as well as they are in the poll. Been listening to them on heavy rotation for a few months now, but wasn’t aware that I had so much company.

    1. fredwilson

      They were the most discussed artist on twitter in april and may. That got me to go get the record. I like it but don’t love it. Its a bit to mellow for me

  16. Scott

    Hands down, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida- Scotthttp://newportventuregroup….

  17. fakedjs

    fakedjs top 12 singles of 2008 (midway point):Quiet Village – Free RiderDolly – Added EffortsDJ Simon – Friendly FlowersGaslamp Killer – AduetNicolay – What We LiveKylie Auldist – Pretty ThingsPaavoh – Kev trumpuFoals – Olympic AirwaysBullion – Get FamiliarMark Pritchard – Harmonic 303Baptman – I Luv 2 Luv U Sofia Rubina – Driving To DespairEach week I wrap up my favorite singles:

  18. jackson


  19. jackson

    I will say that the Raconteurs have fooled me twice with songs from their new record that I heard on the radio (101.9). One I though was from the 70’s (one of the other guy’s tunes – not Jack White), and one I thought was early 80’s (a Jack White number). In both cases I liked what I heard.I think a top ten of 2008 would prove very difficult for me, and not because of too many choices, I think you know what I’m saying…..

  20. Jon

    Thanks for posting these- discovered some new music that’s now in the pod.

  21. rod

    Why Usher and not British Sea Power??? The Rascals? Crystal Castles??? The Teenagers??? Wild Beasts??? Sebastien Tellier??? Metronomy?????? Neon Neon????? Beach House???? Liars???? Martina Topley Bird??? to name a few

  22. JPaul

    My current list would include:British Sea Power – Do You Like Rock MusicTapes ‘n Tapes – Walk it OffWolf Parade – At Mount ZoomerPonies in the Surf – See You Happy