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I posted the other day about Google Trends For Websites. Google isn’t the only search company that’s taking the data it collects and turning it into valuable insight. Our portfolio company, Indeed, has launched Job Analytics. Here’s their blog post announcing the availability of the service. RIght now, you have to contact Indeed (contact information is on their blog post) to get your company’s job analytics.

Here’s what your report will look like.


Recruiting is important business for every company and the web is transforming how a company finds and attracts employees. Indeed Job Analytics can help you understand what you are doing right and what you can do better.

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  1. Junk Bond

    I am not sure how valuable this data is, given that Indeed doesn’t drive any significant portion of traffic aimed at job search. Most of the people tend to go directly to some of the popular job sites in search of relevant information.

    1. fredwilson

      that’s not really true.check out this charthttp://siteanalytics.compet…

      1. Junk Bond

        Indeed is around 15% of the three sites you mentioned. If you take into account all job sites (Hotjobs, snagajob, dice,…) Indeed would be less than 5%.If google with its significantly higher marketshare of search queries can’t get the trend right, how can one expect Indeed’s (with <5% share) report to be any closer to reality?

        1. fredwilson

          that’s like saying that google is 5% of all web page views (or whatever it is)indeed drives a ton of traffic to the job boards, not the other way around

          1. Junk Bond

            I am saying – For Indeed’s report to be more credible than Google’s report(Queries on Indeed)/Total pageviews on all Job sites >>>> (Queries on Google)/ Total pageviews on wwwWhich I believe is not the case.

    2. Eric

      Disagree on two counts:1) Indeed represents a significant portion of job search traffic2) Since Indeed is tracking trends, not absolute numbers, and since users of Indeed wouldn’t be more fundamentally partial toward one job/career/industry than any other (i.e. Indeed’s user base encompasses the entire spectrum of job searchers and is distributed naturally across it), then I don’t see why these numbers should be dismissed because of traffic.

  2. Tom Summit

    I like the analytics, however the trend in on-line recruitment is toward more personalization. Keyword search and job postings may be replaced with more efficient was to match peopel and companies.http://jobhacks.wordpress.c

    1. Tom Summit

      sorry didn’t proofread. ways to match people and companies is what I was going for.

  3. Venkat

    Fred — also take a look at the Oconomy section of I find it a much better bellweather of trends, since the temp/freelance job market has the volatility/canary-like nature to pick up trends before the perma-hire job markets. I’ve just begun writing my own series on talent management.I think this is THE single most important topic in the economy right now, and while us enterprise types don’t look at talent the same way the VC world does, the broad emerging principles are the same. I’d like to hear your views on this a lot more.

  4. Chan Chi Sang

    The report is only reporting traffic direct from indeed to the company, it’s not reporting traffic which goes from Indeed to and then to the company. So Fred your point about Indeed driving a ton of traffic to job boards is not relevant here as this report is clearly aimed to direct employers not job of jobs 20,330 has no bearing on traffic but is useful to know, top job sites is just where their crawler found jobs posted by the company (must be a big company to post 13,000 jobs on job boards in May!!)- clicks = clicks from indeed to the job site (the company needs to have jobs posted direct on their corporate site else this will zero I presume)- top job titile again is top job titles clicked on Indeed for the company, so only relevant if the company has their jobs crawled directly by Indeed.- top keyword searches – same again.- top cities, same againSo is this useful? It’s certainly smart marketing from Indeed and a clear attempt to convert some of that “freemium” into $$$

  5. Chan Chi Sang

    Paul – If the clicks being reported in the company report are inclusive of paid clicks that job board clients like dice, jobsinthemoney, etc. are paying for, don’t you think that presents an ethical problem? If the job is on indeed via a DICE posting that that traffic info should be between Indeed and DICE only. don’t you think?You are basically sharing your clients traffic information with their client, in an attempt to solicit their business directly…Is that not correct?