Where To Go For Inspiration?

I posted last weekend about the difficulty of blogging every day. It’s something I want to do for a bunch of reasons, most of them selfish. But it’s not always easy to find something interesting to write about.

Sometimes I wake up with a blog post in my head. Sometimes a reader will leave a comment and I’ll think to myself, "that’s a blog post". Sometimes, I’ll simply read something and it will fill me with a desire to say something about it.

But there are many times when I think to myself "what can I write about?"

I suspect many professional bloggers and journalists face this issue all the time and have developed tricks and techniques to deal with it. One of my tricks when I don’t know what to write about is to read blogs until I find something interesting and then start blogging.

For the past year or so, I’ve relied heavily on aggregators like delicious/popular, digg, techmeme, hacker news, reddit, and others to give me the links to stories that will be interesting to blog about.

In that past couple months, that technique is letting me down. I think its largely because I am not finding the news of executive departures at Yahoo!, the latest iPhone rumors, and the like particularly interesting these days.

On the other hand, posts like this one from Umair or this one from Alan Kirby are getting my juices flowing.

As technology blogging has become defined by blogs like Techcrunch, Gigaom, VentureBeat, Valleywag, PaidContent, AlleyInsider, and many others that are quickly becoming news organizations optimizing around scoops and driving readership, I am feeling that we’ve lost something, or at least we need to look elsewhere for that magic that was existent back in the first half of this decade.

Please don’t take this as a criticism of the professional blogs I’ve mentioned above. They are providing an important service to the technology industry and we need them to keep doing what they are doing.

But more and more  I want to read the thoughts of people who blog because they want to as those who blog because its a job. I went on about that last weekend on twitter and some friends sent me custom built pages with some of the things I want. I appreciate their efforts. But that’s not what I am seeking.

Who knows if what I want exists or can exist. But I want techmeme for inspiration. I want a place I can go every day and get inspired by real people. It hasn’t happened for me in many years in traditional media and honestly it’s happening for me less and less these day in online/social media.

If you have any ideas, I am all ears.

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